Head Strong by Dave Asprey. Biohacker’s Bible. Takeaways.

If you only read one book on health, weight loss, fitness, brain upgrade, high performance.

Yes! There are so many books coming out, if not every day, then, every week for sure.

Books on health, on fitness, on detox, on brain training and meditation, books with workouts and diet plans, books about food, nutrition science books, books on healthy aging and longevity, books on sleep and healthy lifestyle, books on supplements, books from celebrity personal trainers and celebrities themselves with workouts, meal plans, lifestyle choices.

And they are all brilliant books! A lot of valuable information, that you can try, apply and live better — fitter, stronger, sexier, healthier, younger, smarter!

But sometimes, there is a book, that is great for anyone — young, old, strong, weak, overweight, fit, an athlete, a CEO or an entrepreneur, a man or a woman, trying to lose weight, trying to get fitter and smarter, attempting detox, trying to change lifestyle into a healthy one, just getting started or a pro-biohacker, fitness/nutrition/performance geek.

You want to get fitter, stronger, smarter, more energetic and youthful, saving time and energy on unnecessary BS?

You want to learn how to balance it all in life and stay the fittest, smartest, most successful you?

That is the book you’ve been waiting for!


The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

It’s all about getting more energy (ATP) in your cells’ energy plants — mitochondria. Getting more energy to cells of every part of your body — brain, heart, muscles, all the organs, and tissues (Is it a coincidence, that the most vital organs, like your brain or heart, have the most energy plants? Mitochondria?)

Energy is everything!

If you have lots of it, you will have no problem, setting self-transforming goals — lose weight, win a fitness competition, create a successful business, start a new career, build beautiful relationships — and most importantly, you’ll have no problem sticking with them, persevering, and reaching your goals, no matter how hard it gets and how long it takes.

With enough energy — you got it!

And Head Strong by Dave Asprey is all about how to get more of that vital energy into your cells, into your mitochondria! And into your life.

Foods to eat and to avoid like a plague

Exercise program to do on a weekly basis, according to the recent research and ancient practices, to be your most energetic self (And all about how not to do too much to make exercise another stress factor)

Sleep routine and environment

Meditation practice to increase your cells’ energy with downloadable audio

Light, the right kind of light to expose yourself to daily, how to get it and how to avoid toxic light

Toxins to avoid in your environment — home, work, planes, hotels, outside

Cold therapy to increase your energy, strength, youthful years and lose weight

Other lifestyle upgrades to reduce inflammation — the cause of most diseases, weight gain and energy drain

Supplements to make your journey to healthy, fit, youth and energy full you

Supplements to make you smarter

Advanced equipment and practices for the ones who want it all and more — fitter, smarter, successful, superhero like!

It’s all there!

From basics to advanced stuff, that few people on Earth know about — in elite circles of TOP companies CEOs, special forces, biohackers of all levels, competing athletes, influencers, leaders and creators in all areas.

There is a 2 week plan to get you started with lifestyle choices and upgrades, with meal plan and recipes (Food is a major source or toxins in your body, when not taken care of).

There is science explaining every practice described in the book — for those who want to know all the whys.

All the information is in practice by elite top performers — and now you can start getting to that level with Head Strong too!

If you want more from life and not satisfied with being and living OK — Head Strong.

The choice is yours.

Want more from life?

Head Strong!


The Bulletproof Plan to Activate Untapped Brain Energy to Work Smarter and Think Faster-in Just Two Weeks

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


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