“Head Strong”, NYC and Dave Asprey.

Where top performers get the energy.

The morning after.

After Dave Asprey’s first book tour event in NYC — “Head Strong”.

It all started with Ziva Meditation’s group meditation — to induce the right state, to open our minds and hearts to new information and energy, to help us comprehend and feel it all better, absorb it all better, to tune us all up to the same frequency, to get us into the zone, into the state of high performance.

We would have a completely different world, if everything important we started with a meditation. Don’t you think?

Everything started to flow from there — an interview to-be-podcast with Morgan Spurlock, film maker — “Super Size Me”, Dave’s presentation about our mental and physical performance and why taking care of our cells’ power plants, mitochondria, must be our top priority, if we want to be on top of our game — mentally and physically, jokes and laughter, cutting-edge performance-upgrading information and everyday practical life wisdom.

It’s all about energy at the end of the day (hence mitochondria as the main supplier). When we have a lot of energy to feed our hungry brain, and the rest of our body, we become these positive balls of sunshine on a mission to become our best selves and make the world a better place. Ideas, creativity, fitness, great relationships, great work and success, happiness — it all follows energy surplus, that we get by taking good care of our energy plants, mitochondria by eating better, sleeping better, exercising, de-toxifying our bodies and our environment, our relationships, following our biological rhythms.

When we don’t produce enough energy and lose energy, by compromising the work of our mitochondria — well, you know what happens — you are unfit physically and mentally, have fat to lose, barely have enough energy and enthusiasm to drag yourself through your day, barely have enough energy to smile for politeness, barely having enough energy to just “deal with shit”, never nowhere near the state of generating world changing ideas — and there is nothing wrong with you, you are not less talented or less fortunate, you just don’t take good enough care of your energy plants, mighty mitochondria, as Dave likes to say.

Top performers are always on the lookout for some cutting edge lifestyle upgrades to create more and better energy to perform better, do more and better, do good, while most of us are trying to be OK. No wonder we are nowhere near their level of performance and achievement. We can be there — but it will take some work. A lot of self-work actually.

The more truly successful people I meet, successful on all levels, who are totally satisfied with their life, living the EXACT life they want, the more I understand what it really takes — not some latest nootropic turning you suddenly into a genius (ideas are good but sustainable, smart and consistent execution is everything), not some “hack”, that requires little to no work, no, it takes a lot of work and sacrifices, but a lot of SMART work and sacrifices, that they, top performers, choose. True lasting success requires every bit of sustainable advantage one can get from eating the best food and training the smartest way, to the latest and best supplements, to the best safe brain and lifestyle hacks that work — you can’t be your best, barely taking care of yourself, your mind, your body, and most importantly your energy levels, your mighty mitochondria.

I’m reading “Head Strong”, because I want to be my best self for my best life.

Get yours.

Review will be up soon.

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