I’m not a turkey hater. It’s not about turkey.

Transforming traditions.

“Happy Thanksgiving!, turkey hater.” — A laughing-hard smiley in a text on Thanksgiving morning.
“I love Turkeys — that’s why I don’t eat them!” — A smart-ass smiley back.

It’s not about turkey though. And I have nothing against you eating Turkey. (Just quit mashed potatoes for me please!)

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. It’s about gratitude. It’s about giving.

It’s about connection with the people we love and appreciate in our life. It’s about getting grounded in what’s truly important, what matters, what makes us human — imperfect, kind-by-nature-eating-turkey-monkeys-with-upgraded-brain, it’s about remembering, that we can all make this work better every day for each other, it doesn’t have to be a lonely battle, a never-ending me-against-the-world struggle.

It’s not about turkey.

It’s not even about all the crazy all-night shopping lines, Black Friday with all the deals and all shopping craziness. (I purposely do not participate in any of this, because utterly I believe it is a stupid tradition making people buy what they don’t need. The best shopping experience is on Monday afternoon, when there is no holiday around the corner)

That made me jealous.

A friend of mine randomly walked into a church and became an unexpected volunteer, serving Thanksgiving meal to those, who couldn’t afford a good meal. Very often any meal.

“Well this worked out better than I could’ve planned!
Wanted to volunteer today but didn’t know where. Went for a run and ended at a church that a friend previously mentioned.
That church was closed. So I then went to the adjacent church randomly.
Knocked on its door and ten minutes later I am serving turkey for 100s of people in need, having fun, and making new friends. Happy thanksgiving everyone!”

Be the change you want to see in the world. Right?

Some of you asked me, “Are you going to give up your “perfect” diet for a day? Eat something naughty?”

Are you gonna get wasted and take all kinds of drugs, partying all night on some “worthy” occasion, because some people around you do so? Even though you don’t drink or take drugs ever?

Are you gonna steal, even though you consider yourself an honest person, just because some easy-to-take-advantage-of opportunity is there?

Probably not. I hope not.

Why would I pig out on some crap I consider poisonous to human body, mind and soul, poisonous to our world, where we prolong degenerative diseases and the degradation of human body, mind, genetic pool with our lifestyle choices, why would I pig out, if I value health, vitality, habits and practices, that promote true joy, true wellness, true nourishment — just because some fancy chef was hired by food industry’s best minds to create Thanksgiving meal, that could sell more stuff in the bottles and packages, making sugary cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes or pumpkin pie original Thanksgiving meal of the Pilgrims on the Mayflower, even though traditional first Thanksgiving meal had nothing to do with sugar, potatoes and pies (There were no potatoes in 1670, wheat or even an oven to make the pie happen.)

I had a friendsgivingmeal this Thanksgiving. We cooked a totally health, sixpack/keto/sugar-free/lowcarb/healthy and filling dinner, consisting of my favorite salad and a mizza (pizza made with a crust made of grass-fed meat).

We had fun cooking, sharing amazingly delicious and filling, healthifying meal together.

No carb-coma after.

Super-pump morning workout the morning after — and I’m leaner than ever, happier than ever and ready to change the world!!!

That is what a morning after a holiday should feel like — energized and recharged, connected, nourished, filled with gratitude and love instead of some processed crap, that should never enter a healthy human body!


Don’t trade your values for traditions (That are not even originally true).

Transform traditions. Make your own with the people you cherish.

It’s not about turkey.

Thanksgiving is about giving thanks. It’s about gratitude. It’s about giving.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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