Less is more.

How sales ruin your life.

My life started to pick up. Things are getting better. And it’s amazing how my mind immediately starts to need so many things that I lived so perfectly without.

“Oh, there is a sale of cool nutrition supplements. Let’s get it! We need it! NOW!”

“Look! There are interesting events in 2 weeks — let’s get the tickets while they are still available! I don’t want to miss out!”

“Look! There is that book available for pre-order — it looks amazing. Let’s get it! NOW!” (Never mind that there is a whole list of books on my to-read list)

“Hey, there is that cool person you like, giving a talk — let’s go! We don’t want to miss the opportunity! It’s one in a lifetime event! You can miss out a lot!”

“Hey! Look! Courses on sale — so much cool stuff you love! Let’s get them now! You’ll learn so much new and interesting!”

“Oh, Jim invited you to join him for a cruise! Let’s go — we miss the Sun and the beach so much!”

“Oh, there is a sale at the sports store — let’s get new pair of sneakers. Yours are kind of old!”

And it’s endless these days.

The era of abundance has come!

Everyone is selling something amazing and you got to buy it right now! You got to go somewhere right now. Meet someone right now. Do something right now. Life is today after all, right?

It is. Life is now.

And it’s very important what we do with our now.

Is it really important? The thing you buy, the event, the course, the person, the meeting…

Will it really matter in a week in our life? In a month? Tomorrow even?

Is it something you really want to do or is it another shiny thing you want to fill your life with, to at least add some glitter, when there is no that much substance? Not that much meaning. Space, emptiness — it scares us. Plus excitement about new things is even more addictive for the brain than sugar or drugs.

I used to act on impulse a lot.

I used to act on my excitement far too often — getting all pumped about so many things, over-committing and not following through or following through and feeling exhausted mentally and spiritually about … wasted time.

Funny thing — most of the parties and glittery events I went to were much more fun in my head than an actual experience.

Was it worth it?


I believe that people who achieve success, they all absolutely have to succeed in one thing — being focused on what’s important to them and deleting the rest. All the other success strategies are optional and individual. But this one — focus on what’s important — you can’t succeed at anything without it.

You’ll never have time to do everything and enjoy every experience.

You’ll never be able to be everything for everyone.

You’ll never have the money to buy everything or the time to enjoy it.

You’ll never have time or energy to spend with everyone you like.

You’ll never have your every wish satisfied.

You’ll never listen to all the music, read all the books, see all the places on Earth, take all the courses, eat all the food, drink all the drinks…

Even if you try to do that — to have, to live it all — the quality will suffer.

Savoring every piece of that artisanal chocolate slowly melting it in your mouth is not the same as swallowing that piece without chewing it or tasting it — even though you ate chocolate in both cases.

Less is more.

Here are 3 lessons I’m learning these days that simplify my life, make my life richer with less, much less. Somehow that less ends up expanding limitlessly filling every bit of space where there was nothing.


Don’t buy anything on sales.

Unless you planned to buy it anyway before knowing about the sale.

Remember how much unnecessary stuff you own, stuff that made your life heavier and didn’t add any value, stuff you got just because it was on sale. How much meaningless stuff did you get that cluttered your life? How much unnecessary money/time spending did you lose at the end? Money and time that could be used for something that matters to you.


When excited about anything — wait a few days before making a decision about commitment.

Saw something and felt you NEED it RIGHT NOW? Found out about some event that sounds absolutely cool?

Got an opportunity to be a part of the project that sounds exciting?

These days we are constantly bombarded with delicious offers, opportunities, things to do, to see, to experience — every second from everywhere. Most of it will add nothing substantial to the quality of our life and fulfillment, true satisfaction.

Truly important things will stick. They will come to your mind again after 3 days, after a week, a month, a year. All the glitter — you’ll forget about it in a day or two.


Something is not always better than nothing.

We feel that when there is emptiness somewhere in our life — we have some free time, we are single, we have some free money, we have some energy to use — we have that urge to fill it. With anything. Whatever comes first.

That’s how we end up with loads of shit that we don’t use and don’t even remember why we got it.

That’s how we end up in meaningless relationships that sucks out energy of our life.

That’s how we end up with debt and a bunch of stuff we don’t use.

That’s how we end up with too many commitments and projects that keep us busy and stressed with “I have no time for life” sign on our forehead feeling no satisfaction from crossing out items on our daily to-do lists.

I have a no-plans day off this Sunday. First in a long time. I don’t think I’ll put a single item on the schedule.

Less is more…

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health

less is MORE

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