Now-Here life dimension.

Seize the day. Where life happens.

Every Sunday, well, maybe not every, I love letting my creativity go wild, talking about anything.

I love letting this wild beast, creativity, go wild, doing whatever it wants to do.

If you do anything creative in your life, or you want to be more creative — you got to do it, you got to let it out sometimes, otherwise you’ll get stuck, and you work will become stale, like water that has no way to escape.

Let it run through you like a waterfall cascade, bringing out to light, what wants to come out.

Today, obviously, it, the muse, creativity, wants to talk about seizing the day and enjoying the moment.

There is no bad time to talk more about it. We all need to remind ourselves constantly, to remind our running-to-the-future having-regrets-about-defining-us-past mind, that life is now and here. And that is the only dimension, where we exist. The only dimension, where we can make any change happen. The only dimension, where we can feel joy, happiness, where we can build connections with the world and beautiful beings in it. Now-Here is the only place you can live in, the only place you can enjoy, the only place to design your future with heart-felt choices.

Seize Now-Here.

Don’t let your mind fool you — tomorrow and soon will be perfect for this and that.

You are not promised tomorrow and soon. Nobody is. Tomorrow and soon might never come, and for sure will come NOT as you expect.

Seize Now-Here.

Feel it. Live it. Build your best future with it.

I have a practice, that gives me the best results, allowing to build the future I want to live in, AND to enjoy Now-Here too.

If I were to die tomorrow, would I regret spending my day like this? Doing this? Meeting this person? Saying this? Feeling this? Thinking about this?

If I were to live forever, would I regret spending my day like this? Doing this? Meeting this person? Saying this? Feeling this? Thinking about this?

Somewhere in the middle I find all the answers I need. All the guidance I want.

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HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health


And here is an extra Bite of Health.

Art De Vany Talks About Hollywood Economics, the Paleo Way, and the Role of Fitness and Diet in Aging

Why you should listen –

Dr. Art De Vany is an American economist known for his work on the Hollywood film industry. He is perhaps best known, however, as the grandfather of the paleo diet, a high-protein, high-fiber way of eating similar to the way our hunter-gather ancestors ate during the Stone Age.

Born in 1937, he has had a varied career that began right out of high school when he signed a baseball contract with the Hollywood Stars, a minor-league affiliate of the Pittsburg Pirates. Even though he could “run like a deer” and “hit the ball out of sight,” his poor eyesight ended his baseball career and led him the UCLA where earned a doctorate in economics. He spent most of his academic career studying Hollywood and the film industry. His research has ranged from “Hollywood Economics: How Extreme Uncertainty Shapes the Film Industry” to “Quality Revaluations and the Breakdown of Statistical Herding in the Dynamics of Box Office Revenues.”

De Vany turns 80 in August and has spent the past 40 years living the paleo way. He outlined his diet and fitness philosophy in “The New Evolution Diet: What Our Paleolithic Ancestors Can Teach Us About Weight Loss, Fitness and Aging.” He is working on a new book that’s tentatively titled “Renewing Cycles: Healing the Wounds of Aging Through Improved Cellular Defense and Systemic Signaling.”