On choices.

Why your brain makes you eat crap.

A guy, “Let’s just get what we usually get. It’s taking too much time!”
On my way back, they were still there. A couple.
I stopped by. “Do you guys need any help choosing? I’m a nutritionist.”
In less than 2 minutes they made a choice.
Would they buy that milk at all if I wasn’t there?
Would they choose a decent one they actually like and keep on using?
I don’t know.

My concept of healthy living is all about choices.

I see health as a choice. Every day choice. Every single time we do something we choose to support our health or to compromise it. To stay healthy we don’t need to spend more energy or time, we need to learn to make different choices. Better ones. Healthier ones.

There is a trick.

We humans are habitual creatures. Once a habit, a behavior pattern, is in place, it’s hard for us to change it, it’s almost impossible. It seems like so much work! Our brain is always trying to save energy. Making new choices, installing new behaviors and habits takes more energy. At first. When, what we do becomes a new habit, healthy or unhealthy, we tend to stick with it for a simple reason — it doesn’t require additional energy, it feels effortless.

Yesterday, after my workout, I stormed through the neighborhood grocery store, where I usually get almond/coconut milk I like, water — stuff I use every day. For me, picking up my favorite non-dairy non-sugary milk with good ingredients, that also tastes nice, takes almost no time. I saw a couple there staring at 20 plus varieties of non-dairy milks, and I overhead their conversation.

Often, if we finally decide to change our habit and make healthier choices, we end up overwhelmed by all the knowledge and details we need to think about to just make a choice, and then, if what we choose ends up being not exactly what we like — forget about it, 90% of the time we go right back to where we started. We are not going to taste all the 20 plus varieties of milk, are we? Who has the time?

Convenience and time/energy saving wins almost every single time over our best healthy intentions. Unless we are on the verge of dying or feeling so shitty that better choices are not an option any more.

There is nothing wrong with you. It’s evolution and your brain trying to save energy to survive better.

And that’s why a lot of us end up making the same choices that are ok, good enough, choices that keep us going, keep us from dying. For now.

Eating healthier, choosing better products to consume, moving more, going out for workouts, sleeping at better times, drinking more water, cooking healthier desserts, feeding children better — it’s easy. We have better choices available almost everywhere in the world these days. Almost every store. Or the one next to where we usually go. Convenient.

All we need is to make a new choice.

Making that better choice first time can be a challenge, but that’s why you have other people around — they can help with advice saving you lots of energy and time. Don’t be afraid to ask — online, or offline. There are knowledgeable people everywhere! You probably have a friend of two who know quite a lot about healthy living and can help you with initial choices and first steps. After that you can handle it with ease yourself.

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health