Smart Fat Book.

The key to living life you were meant to live: healthy, joyful, full of meaning.

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love looking good and getting compliments!

And I absolutely love feeling even better!

So good that the energy sprouts out of me like water out of a fountain.

In a book I finished a couple of days ago it says:

“One of the keys to a better life is managing one of the only metrics you can measure every single day: your own energy. When you have boundless energy, you tend to have boundless enthusiasm. You begin to be more optimistic. You see the bright side of things, and you act accordingly, assuming that what you do can actually make a difference. People notice you in a different way. You’ll seem — and perhaps even look — lighter.”

And I couldn’t agree more with the statement.

Energy is a currency of life lived well.

But too often, too many of us, we steal our own energy with our own actions, sometimes knowingly, sometimes not. Sometimes we start believing that feeling tired and having no energy is a part of living and we can’t do much about it, we can’t change ourselves and the quality of our own life. It’s hard to see (Especially if you don’t remember feeling that way), how abundant energy and vibrant health can transform your life turning it into your wildest dream you never believed was possible.

And this is a false believe.

Improve your health and you’ll have the kind of energy that will change your mind, your brain, your body, your personality, your actions and eventually your whole life — your career, your relationships, your ikigai (a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being”), your body, your achievements, the amount of joy you get or not from living.

And how can you increase your life currency? Your energy? How can you get more of it flowing through you?

Start with basics. Start with your health and your body.

If you read a biography of almost anyone, who had any kind of life success, you almost always will see their transformation starts with health transformation. Often it all starts with a very basic thing like losing weight and feeling better.

And where does that start?

The choice we make EVERY SINGLE DAY.

The choice what to eat or not. The choice to help our cells to produce and give us more energy for health and living, or the choice to burden our cells with more cleaning work.

Our cells are very picky. They evolved a certain way on our planet and they have specific requirements for the fuel for optimal functioning. Just like a car. Just like a rocket. You won’t fly high on a shitty diesel. You can not feed your cells whatever and expect them to function properly, error-free, efficiently and effectively.

And it seems, that our cells function the best on the foods provided by nature — plant and animal foods in their natural state.

And it also seems that we function the best eating lots of fats from those foods — we are natural fat burners. Some protein, lots of fiber from plant foods, vitamins and minerals delivered by whole foods.

For some reason our cells, and as a result our whole body function the best when they get lots of healthy fats, enough protein, lots of fiber.

Science is delivering more and more research proving it. More and more people are practicing the diet confirming results. More and more books are coming out on the subject of, what I call, fat diet.

One of the books is “Smart Fat: Eat More Fat. Lose More Weight. Get Healthy Now. By M.D. Masley Steven, PhD Bowden Jonny”

I’ve been following this way of eating, with some personal tweaks for 3 years now. On and off. The better I follow it — the better I look and feel. I feel and look better than I ever had. And yes, I have this boundless energy that transforms me step by step.

Smart Fat explains the science of eating fat for health, weight loss, energy, smartness and longevity.

It’s not THAT simple as just eating any kind of fat with whatever else.

Smart Fat explains the reasons why we need that particular combination in our food.


For health, life lived deliciously, energy, lean body, longevity and more.

Smart fats, clean protein, and fiber, all wrapped up in flavors that will encourage you to eat this way forever — these are the key ingredients that will make you leaner and healthier. Smart fats are the cornerstone, battling disease-causing inflammation and helping your hormones function the way they were meant to. Fiber is a nutritional powerhouse that will help you turn back the clock on aging, as it works to lower your risk of developing certain illnesses. Clean protein turns you into a formidable calorie-burner. Flavor will keep you on track because eating this way will be pleasurable. These are the life-saving foods that we should be eating every day.”

It seems like our cells are wired to thrive on the diet of abundant healthy fats accompanied by fiber, protein and rich flavors.


Avocados, nuts — our favorites are almonds, pistachios, pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, nut oils (from any of the nuts listed above), virgin or extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, MCT oil, whole eggs (organic, cage-free), fatty fish, such as wild-caught salmon, sardines, or herring, dark chocolate (at least 70 percent cocoa), butter from grass-fed cows. And you may be consuming some fat from foods like grass-fed beef, cage-free and organic poultry, or natural peanut butter.

Clean protein:

Grass-fed beef, pastured pork tenderloin, lamb, free-range poultry, salmon (preferably wild-caught), tilapia, cage-free, organic eggs, lentils, black beans, edamame, Greek-style yogurt — plain, cubed tofu.


Broccoli, asparagus, spinach, kale, green peas, green beans, avocado, artichoke, sweet potato, okra, tomatoes, butternut squash,fennel, Brussels sprouts.

Legumes: black or red beans, lentils, chickpeas, split peas, edamame.

Fruit: apples, pears, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries.

Grains: steel-cut oats, quinoa, wild rice.

Wrapped up in flavor-adding substances:

“Dried or fresh, herbs and spices don’t just punch up the flavor — they also boost health and fight accelerated aging.”

Garlic, parsley, rosemary, sage, thyme, oregano, cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, turmeric.

The list is not complete of course. But you should get the idea.

I can only confirm the pleasure and effectiveness of this eating style. I tried a lot of ways of eating, not just for a week or two — for months and years. Vegan, raw vegan, low carb high protein, high carb low fat low protein, 6 meals a day macro nutrient split diet, calorie restriction, time restricted diet. Heck, I even tried living on juice alone for almost a year!

Smart Fat diet is a different game. Health, mental clarity and acuity, peace of mind, no mental clutter and anxiety (much less, it’s still life), abundant energy, creativity, amazing physical performance, lean body, amazing skin, hair, nails, no hunger attacks, lean body, I don’t get sick for more than a few hours. Did I mention mind-blowing energy that often I don’t know what to do with? Optimism?

Yes, the diet can have a HUGE impact on your life. On everything.

Not diet alone of course. You got to sleep right, be smart about managing stress and yourself, your mind, your relationships, you got to exercise and get outside, in the sun, play and laugh, love. It all still applies and the book talks about it. It even talks about ikigai — the importance of having meaning in your life. That concept, ikigai, is the ONLY one shared among the longest living people on the planet.

But, let me assure you, with a proper diet you can manage and juggle all of it much easier.

“THERE IS A WAY OF EATING that will change your life forever.
You will lose weight, and keep it off.
You will feel and look better than ever.
You will get — and stay — healthy.”
“Fat is a critical component of your health. When we decided to banish fat from our diets, we lost its considerable health benefits. In fact, eating more fat is the best way to achieve optimal health, longevity, and permanent weight loss. But, before you get too excited and start loading up on butter and oil, let’s be clear about our message. The high-fat diet we’re recommending will make you healthier and slim for life, but only if you do two things: First, you’ve got to eat lots of what we call “smart fat.” Second, you have to consume smart fat with the right amounts of fiber and protein, all of which have to be infused with great flavor.”

INTRODUCTION: The Smartest Way to Live for the Rest of Your Life


CHAPTER 1: A High-Fat Diet for a Low-Fat Body

CHAPTER 2: Why the Smart Fat Solution Will Make You Lean and Healthy

CHAPTER 3: What Not to Eat

CHAPTER 4: Unlearn What You Know About Food


CHAPTER 5: The Smart Fat Solution

CHAPTER 6: The Thirty-Day Plan of Smart Fat Meals

CHAPTER 7: The Smart Fat User’s Guide


CHAPTER 8: Smart Supplements

CHAPTER 9: Smart Living

CHAPTER 10: Smart Recipes

As you can see the book covers a lot. Definitely enough to get you started with a clear understanding of what to do and why.

It’s fast, easy, enjoyable, life-enhancing, health-creating read.

“Let’s say you’re putting your lunch together. Pick a ripe avocado (smart fat); pair it with some organic, cage-free chicken (a clean protein); add some chickpeas, tomatoes, and cucumbers (fiber); and accent all with a dash of olive oil vinaigrette, smart fat and flavor. There’s your meal!
Maybe you don’t have a ripe avocado, or you don’t particularly want one. Wild-caught salmon (clean protein) instead of chicken pairs nicely with the chickpea salad, and because the salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids — one of the “smartest” fats you can consume — you’d be combining in one food a smart fat and a clean protein. Or, how about some grass-fed beef — which in addition to being a clean protein also contains omega-3s — combined with flavorful white beans and fresh sage and garlic?
Looking for a healthy snack? Try some almonds and a bit of dark chocolate for a nutrient-packed handful of flavor, fiber, and smart fat.”

The last piece I want to add from myself and the book to get you started.

What NOT to eat.

ANY kind of sugars and sweeteners. Sugar is obvious. But yes, honey, agave syrup, coconut syrup — it’s not food. Bears load up on honey and the sweetest natural foods to put on as much fat as they possibly can for winter for hibernation. Don’t be that bear! Nature CAN make you fat too.

Not much fruit like bananas, papaya and mangoes either. Stick to SOME berries, peaches, apricots, watermelons, grapefruits.

Grains. NO grains. Some quinoa. Or rice. Sometimes OK. But not as a major part of your diet.

Anything with trans fats and vegetable oils. They are not good for you to eat. These are dumb fats. Where do you find them? Packaged foods, cured meats — see the labels.

There are more details in the book of course.

But these are the basics you need to practice to increase your life currency, your life energy. To look and feel amazing! And lose weight effortlessly. And get lean and see your 6 pack.

More quotes I liked:

“One of the duties of the mitochondria is burning fat; inflammation interferes with the job of the mitochondria, making fat burning more difficult and fat loss nearly impossible.

While someone trying to lose weight may initially be successful, after a while, the number on the scale gets stuck. The much-discussed weight-loss “plateau” is often a result of this cycle of inflammation and fat storage. And here’s even more bad news: Adding more exercise or eating fewer calories in an attempt to break through the plateau will have some effect on weight loss, but not much. And continuing to lose weight becomes much harder to accomplish. Why? Because inflammation decreases our normal ability to burn calories.

Remember, some inflammation is a good thing; it’s part of the body’s natural healing response, and it helps us recover from illness and injury. But when inflammation goes unchecked, which is the definition of chronic inflammation, watch out!

So how do we stop inflammation from harming our health and making permanent weight-loss impossible? Simple. By fortifying our body’s anti-inflammatory army. And this begins with the consumption of anti-inflammatory foods, in particular, smart fats.”

“Just because you need to eat fat doesn’t mean you get to eat fat indiscriminately. You still have to be smart about fats.”

“This is insulin resistance in the brain. Cognitive performance begins to suffer. So does memory. If your blood sugar remains high, your brain is eventually damaged and even begins to atrophy. This is why researchers like Suzanne de La Monte refer to Alzheimer’s disease as “type 3 diabetes.”

Insulin resistance — triggered by consuming too many dietary carbohydrates — causes your body to store too much fat while at the same time interfering with your brain’s ability to utilize glucose. Sugary and starchy carbs such as corn, potatoes, and rice send insulin levels up so high that the cells stop hearing its message. It’s like getting used to loud ambient noise — after a while you just don’t notice it.”

“Stress is not all in your head. It powerfully affects your hormones, which in turn negatively affects your waistline, your brain, and your overall health.”

“A smart fat diet will provide plenty of essential vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fats, and other healthful compounds that will help you to turn back the clock on aging, improve your energy, shrink your waistline, and even improve your love life. We’re betting you’ll even see an increased sharpness in memory and thinking.”

“You see, your body is like your car: No matter how good the gas you put in the tank is, it’s not the only thing you need to get top performance out of your engine. It needs spark plugs. It needs oil changes. It needs regular maintenance. Only then will the engine perform the way it’s really capable of performing. Which brings us to this chapter.

Smart Fat eating is only the first part of a five-part program. We have spent the bulk of this book on food — the gas for your engine — because eating the smart fat way will have the quickest and most dramatic effects on your overall well-being, not to mention your weight. But food is only part one. Now we’re going to cover the other four parts: exercise, stress reduction, sleep, and relationships.”

And my favorite:

“Whether we’re conscious of it nor not, whether we express it or not, whether we’re successful at it or not, the truth is that the desire to contribute and make a difference to other people is at the core of what it means to be human. It’s what makes life both fulfilling and beautiful. It’s what the people of Okinawa call ikigai — a reason for being, a purpose.

If we had one overall health strategy to leave you with — a strategy that makes everything else you’ve learned in this book worthwhile — it would be this: Find your purpose.

And live in accordance with it, every single day. We hope this book has given you the tools to do just that. Enjoy the journey.”

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