What does a Superman do, when there is no world to save?

The Trap of “Enough” and “Busy”.

After a few “down” days and no writing — it’s the first time in a while! — this idea came to me, something I felt the urge to write about.

It seems like it came from nowhere. I was doing fine. I didn’t have to worry about … anything really. Of course anyone can find things to worry about on any given day, but I cured that worry-about-things-that-might-or-might-not-happen disease some time ago. So yes, I didn’t have anything to worry about -my health is good, my family and friends and doing well, I have no financial troubles, my bills are covered and work is going well and I do things I want, I live in a beautiful place I love, I have enough time for hobbies and things I want to do, I have enough time to enjoy life.

But it’s all kind of flat also.

No ups, no downs.

It’s kind of good.

Kind of.

I’m not rich, or anything like that, but I’m doing fine, I know what makes me truly happy, what is truly important for me and I have that. I eliminated all the unnecessary wants that only eat my time and energy brining no lasting feeling of well-being.

Every day I am writing, doing art, learning something new, taking care of my health, connecting with my family and friends. I am going places, meeting people, taking beautiful pictures and enjoying myself. I don’t have a boyfriend, but it’s by choice, not because of the lack of opportunities (Although can’t honestly say that opportunities presented have any appeal for me).

I have enough to be well, to feel happiness, to have fun.

And then I realized — I don’t have a challenge, I don’t have a goal, a vision, something to move towards, to pursue, to fight for.

Where there is no vision, the people perish.
~ Bible

I did have things to do, I was “busy” doing stuff. Work, life — that keeps us busy.

I started doing stuff less effectively, because there is no need to be effective and efficient. I got lazy one might say. Not in a sense I do nothing, but more in a sense of lazy distribution of time and energy — doing unnecessary things that bring no pleasure or results, doing things less effectively.

What does a Superman do, when there is no world to save?

I have a lot of energy.

I eliminated unimportant unnecessary stuff and pursuits from my life long time ago.

I’m healthy.


Have no bad habits to drain my health or energy.

And I have no goal to invest my “superpowers” in.

What does a Superman do, when there is no world to save?

He might start thinking about possible things that are wrong with him, his life.

He might start creating problems from nothing, creating drama where there was none.

He might start overeating sometimes or maybe even trying a few harmful habits to see, if that brings some problems to take care of.

He might start questioning the meaning of life or himself.

I’m sure, you don’t know what I might be talking about…or do you?

The good thing about myself is I recognize problems in my life very early in their development.

After eating crap for a couple of days and realizing I’m kind of getting OK with that — I knew — “Houston, we have a problem!” — something was f*ing really wrong! — I started questioning the very thing I believed in and followed the most since I was a kid! The most important thing I’ve been passionate about my whole life — health and full human potential!

I had to stop everything and have a serious talk with myself. Assess the situation and do something about it.

I did not like the direction my thoughts and life started heading. Even if I was the only one who noticed any changes — I knew I had to deal with it right now.

The problem with modern world is NOT the lack of potential or resources in people, no, and it’s not the realization of what is good or bad for us, most people damn well know what is good or bad for them, what they should be doing to improve their life, personal energy or health, relationships.

The problem with the world and people in it is lack of goals, vision, something bigger than ourselves to pursue, something that is really important but maybe seems less so, when we are in our “busyness” or we have “enough” to be well and be happy.

Most of us got trapped!

We are trapped in:

“Enough”: we are doing ok, don’t we? Most of us are not deadly sick, our families are not in any direct danger and we are getting by just fine. Except there is that nagging feeling, that our life is meaningless and we are wasting our time, getting by, watching other people on social media living it, while we are existing. Right? It seems like the whole world is having extraordinary life experience. Except us. Maybe it’s something wrong with us? Probably.

… So I’ll just eat my pizza, watch some television and exist for another day of my meaningless life. Not everyone is created for greatness after all. Somebody have to pay the bills, right?

Busy”: that’s another trap. We certainly do not have it all together yet, we have problems now to solve — we are fat or sick, or have family to take care of, or bills to pay, and we work all day long, and barely have enough time to sleep and do the groceries, right? We need to: Take kids to school? Provide for the family, loved ones, be the cry-on shoulder for some friend? Take care of our drama-full-have-no-idea-where-it’s-going relationship, right?

Who has the time for anything else? Who has the time to change life? Who has the time to change the world and pursue dreams? Big goals?

I’m definitely not the one, right?

Or not now. Later, when I have some free time and energy, and money — then I’ll definitely make the world better, go after my dreams, think of the meaning of life.

Either way nothing really happens.

Our life continues to have no meaning we are aware of.

Our life continues to feel like an existence.

We continue to move exactly nowhere hoping one day it will all change and we start living the life of our dreams.

Like those guys on Facebook. They have it all figured out, right?

What if everyone has more than enough potential to change the world and have a dream life of their own?

What if everyone already has everything they need to live an extraordinary life making an impact?

What does one do with superman powers once one realizes he/she has them?

Everyone seems to know the answer how to unlock our super powers and full potential, how to hack anything.

But it seems like very few know what to do after.

What is it all for?

What does a superman do, when nobody tells him what to do?

Figure his own shit out why the rest tells him, that he might need to take a chill pill and do the regular stuff?

“What are you crazy thinking of changing the world? Don’t you have better things to do?

Relax. Enjoy life. Chill”

And do you know what worries me the most?

What I’m fucking really frustrated about?!

Nobody cares, if you die with your superpowers, your music still in you.

Everyone is kind of there for you, except they are not, when you need them for a particular thing, when you are looking out of your corner of the world wondering, “What the fuck is wrong with me? Why can’t I figure my shit out worrying about some nonsense that nobody gives a damn about?”

The world is full of possibilities …

…and no real connections, no guidance, no support for those who are ready but don’t exactly know what they are ready for.

We are left to ourselves to figure shit out.

Nobody really cares…

…unless you are dying or starving in a third world country.

And that’s why 99% of the world’s and people’s potential is going…

…exactly down the toilet.

It’s not that there are very few people who get it, and have the potential to change the world.

There are more than plenty.

But there is NO guidance. No direction. No goals. No vision to pursue, to fight for…

… in the World of Abundance. World of possibilities.

When we need we unite and win wars.

When the mother needs to feed the child — she does. Always. No exception.

When a loved one is sick or dying, we very fast figure our own shit out, find health and vitality needed to save the day. Be the hero. The savior.

We are more than capable.

But what for?

In the meantime, we are kind of busy, and kind of have enough, right?

No danger.

Nobody’s dying.

We are OK, right?

Why bother?

How bother?

What does a Superman do,

when there is no world to save?

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