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FAT-YOU? or FIT YOU? A Story.

Daily Health Today. Daily Step to Healthy You.

Change your shopping cart.

I used to think to get to my ideal body I need to follow some diet or exercise program, or some routine, some set of rules. I need to stick to them. FOREVER!!!

It would work for a while, no matter what I did — I’ve been lucky to get “stick-with-it” health-and-fitness gene. But then I’d get bored, or life would get in the way, or there would be nothing that truly motivates me, no goal or deadline — nothing to push me externally or internally, and I’d kind of slide back to not-my-best body. Not because the plan stopped working, no, but because the life can’t be lived according to a plan, a routine, all the time. It’s life, it’s unpredictable — and that’s a fun part! We’d be bored to death, if we could schedule our whole life and there was no surprise. What would be the point of living?

Life is meant to be fun! Remember?


At some point (not so long ago, to tell you the truth), I realized, that I learned many health/fitness/lose weight-get lean strategies, that worked well, they made me healthy, lean and I wasn’t hungry or unhappy — but I couldn’t stand it either! I couldn’t stand the fact, that I had to live according to some rule-book every freaking day! No matter how good and workable current program is — it’s so against fun living! And so not natural for our healthy mind, soul and body long-term — and that’s why I believe so many of us slide back after making progress — we never learn to live without a program! To live without a program, a diet, a fitness schedule and still maintain health and fitness, lose weight, if we need to.

And you know what I realized?

What the solution is? Solution to permanent healthy, fit and sexy you?

Concentrate on the choices you make TODAY!

Instead of following any diet or fitness program — forget about those — every time, when you make a choice that affects or will affect your health, weight loss, fitness, make sure, that you make the choice, that moves you towards your goals.


What do I mean by that exactly?

A story.

Yesterday, I had to fly to Moscow and back to Siberia in 24 hours, spending most of my day at the airport, in the city, taking care of things. I didn’t have food on me prepared — I actually couldn’t have ANYTHING on me, I came to Moscow to go to US Embassy and wasn’t allowed to have anything, except necessary papers. So I had to make choices about my food, my health and lifestyle for the day as the day went by. I didn’t feel like going hungry all day and fasting, needed my energy.

I had to get up at 2 am. Flight to Moscow. Embassy with huge live lines. Flight back at night.

I had to choose what to eat, where. How to stay active where I was, wearing what I wore to the embassy.

And it wasn’t that difficult really. Just a matter of choice.

I had a choice to eat a cookie at Starbucks in the morning at the airport and have some sugary drink — I had a cup of coffee, black, and a bottle of water instead.

I walked to the Embassy, took pictures, enjoyed the vistas of an early still empty city — I could have taken a taxi sitting on my rear end, seeing nothing.

After I was done, I decided to walk around, to take more pictures, to check out stuff in the city — book and health stores, to do people-watching — it was a nice day outside, and even though my phone battery gave up on my, and I couldn’t take pictures (I wasn’t allowed to bring a charger to the embassy either — some strict rules they have there!), I walked around, checked out the beautiful city Moscow is, heart of Russia. Found some hearts.

I didn’t exercise on that day. I could have gone straight back to the airport and sit there eating in some café some shit. But I didn’t. I made a different choice — even though it was not a part of some program. I decided to stay active and healthy. Whatever it meant on that day.

I got some nuts from a store while walking around the city — nuts is my all-time favorite snack! So healthy. SO convenient. So yummy! I love them!

I drank lots of water. — I drink more when traveling.

I had another cup of coffee.

Then I went to the airport.

Came there a bit early — better early that late. — That’s great rule, when you need to catch a flight and there can be traffic on the way.

I felt like eating something again. Some snack, while reading the books I got and doodling.

I could have gone for a cookie. Or potato chips. Or all the amazing chocolate they have at the airports.

I could have.

I didn’t.

I checked out all the chocolate stores still.

I got some insanely over-priced cashews (I choose to pay with my wallet for my stupidity and not-preparedness, NOT with my health, going for cheaper cookie choice). And then I got customized-by-me-and-chef salad from a café. I sat down, ate, doodled. I felt good, nourished, creative.

I love finding some quiet corner at the airport, where introverts like me find peace. And I sat there — with some nuts, books on relativity, black holes, evolution, history of science. And my doodle book. Yes, I have a special book for doodling.

There are myriads of choices I could have made.

FAT-ME choices.

FIT-ME choices.

I made mine.

What are yours? Today?

Here is a secret.

Do you know where you make really important choices daily?

Choices, that affect your health and health of people living with you?

It’s really simple!

Your shopping cart!

Don’t fool yourself — what you buy — you eat. If you are not going to eat it — why buy it?

Is it shit to clog your body? Is it goodness to make you healthy, fit and sexy?


And it’s not just about you. Your family, friends and loved ones too. You choose for them, you show them an example. You are a leader too you know — of your family, your kids, your friends.

I went to a local store today. — Still in Siberia for another 10 days.

I looked around.

Most of the people did NOT look fit and healthy. Or happy and full of energy.

I looked at their shopping carts.

I took pictures.

I know the solution now.

Do you want to get healthy?

Do you want to get fit and sexy?

Do you want to have lots and lots of energy for FUN INSPIRED living?

Do you wanna feel real good, when you get up in the morning?



What is YOUR shopping cart like? — That’s your choices right there.


Which IS yours?

Daily Health Today. Daily Step to Healthy You.

Change your shopping cart.

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