Why supplements are stupid.

Glorious Food!

One day a week I decided to dedicate to food.

Not diets, nutrition and weight loss, books, science — all the geeky health stuff.

But a more important subject — glorious food.

Nourishing food that is the foundation of life.

And by food I ONLY mean, what nature provides us, what grows or runs, or did so recently.

And by food I ONLY mean things, we make from recently-alive nature-made foods that nourish us.

Food is fuel for life.

When did we decide, that poisoning ourselves with food-like products was more important than health, vitality, youthfulness and longevity?

It’s kind of stupid…

Most probably we just lost the track of where it all was going.

We — consumers, scientists, nutritionists, doctors meant well. We all did. We just didn’t notice how our good intentions left unchecked with real life results brought us to where we are now — where most products that are advertised to nourish us, to feed us and make us healthier and happier poison us instead and make us miserable.

But maybe, it’s time to change? Time to notice? Time to play a different game?

Sesame seeds.

Glorious food of the day.

Audrey, my roommate, a woman in her senior years,

“You know I’m supposed to get this new calcium supplement to support my bone health, make my bones stronger. My doctor told me I need to take it regularly now. Do you think it’s any good?”

“I’m not sure what quality of this supplement is, but did you know that there is a food that has lots of calcium and other minerals, AND is much better absorbed and used by the body then any supplement?

I’d add that to my diet first, daily. Tell your nutritionist you are taking the supplement and check the results on your next lab test.”

“Really? What’s the food?”

“Sesame seeds!”

“Did you know a quarter of a cup of sesame seeds has more calcium than a whole cup of whole milk?

Not to mention all the other health benefits whole milk can only dream about!”

“I think I might try that. You know, how I also believe more in food than in doctors”


FB comments.

“I’ve been using ready to drink Pure Protein shakes as a quick way to get my 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. I recently noticed the shakes contain sucralose which spikes insulin levels. Tim uses Bluebonnet protein which is a little pricey. What brand of protein do you use?”

[me, the smartass, couldn’t resist :)]

“Pure protein in a form of fast digested shakes can also spike your blood glucose [and therefore insulin] through Gluconeogenesis — turning amino-acids into blood glucose. If you are trying to stay in ketosis (low blood sugar and high ketone bodies levels) — not the best practice, body converts excess protein, especially in a form of supplements [with no fiber or fat to slow down the process] into blood glucose easily, it’s almost as bad as glucose for ketones levels.”

Want your protein in the morning? Eat 2 whole eggs guys [or a can of sardines or mackerel etc.]

Making your shakes will take just as much time as eating eggs or sardines. Just saying.

Whole foods are ALWAYS better for the body. NO MATTER what your goals us.

You know why they call them supplements?

Because they are meant to SUPPLEMENT our food, NOT replace it.

If you are a PRO bodybuilder or an athlete — it’s a different game, they might actually NEED all the supplements.

You and me?

Not so much.

And there is always time for making healthy eating habits happen.

Be smart about it.

Design your life to make your goals happen.

My YouTube video, today, live, Lincoln Center, New York, morning

You don’t get healthy and stay healthy.

HEALTH is a DAILY PRACTICE. One bite at a time.

Daily Bite of Health



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