You can have 6-pack abs and eat your chocolate too!

2Beans New York! Enjoy Life Healthy!

“Yep, I eat chocolate every day”

Me, in the gym, talking to a getting-ready-to-win fitness bikini competitor, Ken.

“Really?! You see, I can’t do that. I can’t get lean eating chocolate every day. My body doesn’t work like that.”


“I used to think like that too. Until I got addicted to premium 100% cacao chocolate bars. I’m NOT talking about that sugarful chocolate-like stuff on the shelves of regular supermarkets, that has very little to do with real chocolate.

That chocolate, the one I love, has no sugar. Rich in healthy fats and flavanols [kind of plant anti-oxidant].

You can find delicious bars with 6–8 g of carbs per 100g bar! I often eat one a day! And a piece EVERY SINGLE DAY!

That’s been always my dream — to enjoy chocolate daily and stay lean and super healthy. Now I can do that. Let me show you a few of my favorite bars I get in the city.”

“Flavanols found in cocoa solids may lower blood pressure and cholesterol, improve glucose metabolism and maintain the health of your blood vessels. A study published in the September 2012 issue of “Hypertension” noted that cocoa flavanols improved brain function in elderly people with mild cognitive impairment.”
“What Is a Flavonoid in Chocolate?”

Yes boys and girls.

Chocolate, real chocolate is actually GOOD for you. Real chocolate is a healthy food.

One of the most advanced ancient civilizations, Inka, Aztec and Maya, considered chocolate to be the food of gods, and they fed it to their shamans and enlightened people, royalty.

But of course that chocolate, they used, has nothing to do with that crap most of you associate with the word “chocolate”. They consumed cacao beans, powdered, in a form of a hot chocolate drink with no sugar, just spices in it.

Here is my favorite place in the heart of New York city to indulge my senses in the best chocolate Earth has to offer. More than 10 (at the moment of writing) varieties of 100% chocolate bars to choose from — more than anywhere in New York city! — and enjoy with my favorite cup of coffee in a great pleasurable company over brain-boosting senses-enhancing conversations.

2 Beans.

Chocolate and Coffee.

Specializing in the best coffee and chocolate varieties ready to please even the most capricious taste buds.

Chocolate and Coffee for every taste.

Of course I was more interested in the healthiest chocolate bars, 100% cacao — I’m not in favor of sugar to say the least. You’d be surprised how AMAZING really good chocolate bars taste even with 100% cacao, nothing else added. You can really taste all the nuances of different varieties of cacao beans from all over the world. Pure pleasure for true chocolate connoisseur.

I highly encourage you to visit 2 Beans and indulge your passions in a healthy way!

[This post is best enjoyed with a bar of healthy chocolate!]

Grand Central. New York city. About to indulge. YouTube. [2min]

2Beans New York. In the heart of New York city I found my heart’s passion. YouTube. [5min]

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