Markdown Apps for Mac

I write anything using Markdown Syntax frequently. There are some online Markdown editor such as Gist, Dillinger and, but in my own case I write with some Application for Markdown on my Mac. I would like to introduce them.

iA Writer

In 10 September of last year, Version 3 has released. This release includes 2 features using swipe. Swipe from the left to show the document library, swipe from the right to reveal an HTML preview of editing Markdown.


MacDown is open-sourced Markdown Editor for Mac. As you can see, it it 2 panes structure. Left pane is input area, right pane is for live preview. You can configure Markdown auto-formatting mode, Editor appearance (base font, color theme, line spacing…), and Rendering appearance (CSS to apply).


Whiskey is being developed by Nothing Magical project which is just a one man show of Sam Soffes. It does not include so many features, simple and just works.


Caret is beautiful App made by Antonio Stoilkov and Emanuil Rusev. It has useful functions such as Code Highlighting, Auto-Completion, Context Commands, Preview, File Navigation, and others.

But Undo action does not work correctly now. I hope fixed soon.


Recently I started to use new one, Focused. It includes 2 modes (Typewriter mode or Focus mode), some themes, and other good features.

I love the SoundTrack feature. We can play 8 calming soundtracks when we editing. Of course,