976 days left: Cofounders

About 15 years ago I started my first company. I did so with three very good friends from University.

The problem was back in those days the start up ecosystem wasnt what it is now. We had full time jobs and played at business in our spare time. Soon two of them quit.

Now I find myself in a difficult situation. Everything I have seen suggests that its good to have cofounder, in fact a book I read on y Combinator said that Paul Graham refuses to fund companies that dont have one.

Problem is, who I do I have?

There was a short list of three people.

  1. Sebastian
    Sebastian works in tech. He knows stuff, and could execute. But he doesnt have imagination, hes a worker drone. But the last time we worked together he was less than honest. There are trust issues. I need to be able to trust a co founder. I cant trust him. Off the list he goes.
  2. Mark
    Mark can be trusted. Hes a good guy. Problem is that he isnt reliable. Failing to turn up at meetings, making excuses. Starting a company is hard enough without having to deal with this. The other problem is he has a young family. How can I ask him to risk everything? I cant. Off the list.
  3. Charlie
    Charlie. Charlie. Charlie is my oldest friend. We’ve known each other since we were 5, and for much of that time weve been best friends. Hes honest and I can trust him 100%. Hes also reliable. The problem is that he lives on the other side of the world. He has no higher education, and in someways I wonder if that matters. He has a job, but was looking to leave, but I would have to convince him to come and work with me.