A rising star for the booming vegan market.

How to build a brand for plant-based milk from the scratch with attitude, passion and sustainability.


The market for vegetarian and vegan food is booming.

Vegetarian or vegan (substitute) products such as almond milk, soya schnitzel or vegetable burger patty can be found nowadays in every supermarket around the corner, in the city or in the countryside. Products from brands such as Alnatura, Oatly, Alpro or BeyondMeat have literally “crashed” the market and German supermarkets can no longer be imagined without them.

There are 8 million vegetarians in Germany.
There are
1.3 million vegans in Germany.
2,000 new vegetarians and 200 new vegans every day in Germany.
25% more turnover with vegetarian and vegan food in Germany 2019 (compare to 2018).

The (product) world is changing and so are its consumers. And vice versa. Due to an increased environmental awareness paired with healthier nutrition and self-optimization, brands and products that focus on animal welfare and human well-being in addition to the environment are in high demand.

And it´s precisely here that there is still plenty of need for action and optimisation… and often the most innovative and exciting new products are coming from start-ups and young, courageous founders. People who question the status quo!


And exactly such are Julia Deuter, Michael Sysoev and Jonathan Herrmann. Three graduate food engineers from Freising, Germany, who set out to turn the market for plant-milk products upside down — in harmony with humans and our nature. To make this happen, they rely on the best raw materials in organic quality, local sourcing and sustainable packaging!


The task was to develop a new brand including a fresh new CI/CD, packaging design and corresponding communication guidelines, which appeals to the target group(s) both emotionally and rationally, conveys a clear and visionary message and at the same time reflects the values, vision and mission of the founders.

Stakeholder Interviews
User und Market Research
Competitor Analysis

Through a multi-level research and analysis process we finally came up with a unique and strong brand strategy including a vision, mission and values. These three key pillars will guide the young company in every decision in the future. Especially for the further design and creative development process.

“Based on the Brand Strategy, the conception and design of our Brand Identity was extremely fast and productive.”

Jonathan Hermann


In an interactive naming process with the founders, we finally developed a name that stands entirely for the “passion for simplicity”, the natural, the simple and the pure: PLÄIN.

Pläin completely redefines taste, quality and responsibility in the category of plant-based products. The brand breaks with the conventional, questions the status quo, is progressive and straightforward. But at the same time always genuine, responsible and with a love of detail.

“Together with Andreas we got constantly new ideas and inspired “Out-of-the-Box” moments.”

Julia Deuter

The umlaut “ä” in the brand name is intended to symbolise exactly that. The two dots not only break with the usual norm and arouse interest. But the “ä” also symbolises the German origin and the development & production “Made in Freising”. The two dots are the signature of the brand.


After a very successful first crowdfunding campaign which more than +900 supporters and a reached goal by 120%, it´s now just taken a few days until the first supporters get their first PLÄIN plant-based milk, filled in returnable glas bottles, made in Freising.

And the best of all, PLÄIN plant-based milk bottles will be sold at VollCorner Biomarkt, a leading organic supermarket chain in Germany, from March 2020 on. But this is just the beginning…

More to find about me & 1000takk

I am a Strategy Director & Host of 1000takk, an independent collective based in Munich and Paris. Before I´ve started my own business with 1000takk and as a Freelance Strategist, I worked for BBDO Worldwide, Serviceplan Group, think moto and diffferent and many international brands just like Mercedes-Benz, Bosch or MediaMarkt Saturn and also Start-Ups.


1000takk combines strategy, technology and design to make brands big and businesses successful. Our services are highly customized to the needs of our clients. We do this through a new way of collective work!




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