Why I love the Cinemas

I love the experience of seeing movies on the big screen. One for the social aspect of being with my friends, the other witnessing the action unfold is mesmerizing. There is nothing that comes close to seeing some amazing screenplay on the big screen. I truly believe that is how movies need to be seen, here they can be truly appreciated for the great work that they are.

When I pay to go to the cinemas I embrace the environment of being part of a larger audience. I love to be with me friends, and them being their only makes the experience that much more enjoyable. When I hear the audience’s reaction it amplifies the same feeling with me. Hearing my mates laugh their heads off in a comedy movie just enriches the experience for me. I can enjoy films that aren’t even that good because the experience of being in the cinema is rewarding enough. To be an audience member in the cinema is not only entertaining, it’s enlightening. I can see how audiences reactions first hand, which helps my knowledge of what portions of mass media seem to be fond of. I can then transfer this knowledge into my craft with knowledge on how audiences react to certain things. These include certain genres and tropes that have an expected audience reaction. For example a horror film jump scare.

Lights Out 2015

Though for me personally I seek out films with the amazing sense of scale and incredible visuals to enrich it. I feel as the cinema shows off the visual style of a film to be incredible. Colors, lighting, cinematography, CGI are all best parts of witnessing a film in the cinema. On par with the visuals is the incredible sound quality a cinema can deliver. So I seek out films that are entertaining, and have amazing sound and visual techniques, giving the film an enriching viewing experience. These are the two main things I look for when going to the see a film, to get the most out of the money I pay for.

War Dogs 2015

So this was a short summary of why I love the cinemas. It’s because of the social interaction, and the ability to appreciate the film with its intended purpose. I get to witness and experience myself, how a film makes you feel. I also get to the see the visuals and audio of the film in the highest quality allowing for me to appreciate it’s beauty to the maximum. This is why I will never say no to a trip to movies any day.