My Media Use and Identity.

I know some people love to say they don’t use much social media, and I’m one of them, but truth is I do. Even though I much prefer talking in people in person, social media is often the easiest way to communicate, especially for your family and friends far away. My family has a big impact on the media I choose to use. I mean, what is Facebook for if not to show your relatives you’re still alive, and look at political memes?

There is no denying the access to information though media is incredible and it opens so many new avenues for learning and inspiration. Instagram and Snapchat are my most used social media apps because I am prefer to see what people are doing rather that read about it. These apps inspire me to be more artistic and look around for beauty to share with my friends. I use these two photo sharing sites to show people what is happening around me and to help become more observant. I use both these apps to keep creatively motivated and I try to post something everyday on Snapchat. Snapchat is my favourite and most used social media. It lets me know what my friends are doing and what they have been up to, allowing us to share photos and message each other.

These are all photos I have taken using the snapchat social media app.

Instagram is my second most used social media app. It lets be create a photo wall and edit my photos as well as send them to friends. I mainly use Instagram to share photography projects I do with friends. Knowing that I will share my photos to people on Instagram makes me want to do my upload best work. I also use it for getting constructive feedback on what I should try, how I should approach my photos, what colours I should play with ect.

These are all photos I have taken, that have been uploaded to my Instagram.

My choice in media reflects my identity and what I like.

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