Future Predictions: What could have another shot in the spotlight?

You can never forget your childhood, no matter what age you are, you always remember at least some aspects of your childhood. For the most of it, you probably reminisce of the good old days or often think, I wish this never went away… Without a doubt there are always really cringe worthy aspects of childhood. You remember them but every time you think about it you deny it to save the embarrassment that you would feel. However, the chances are, they weren’t embarrassing back then and the media has shaped everyones perspective of what is normal; what makes you look cool, what music is cool, etc. Today, however, I feel like this is a lot more warped than it once was. Sure there is generally a certain way you should dress to look good in public but todays standards is much more diverse. I grew up basically obsessed with TV, I watched a lot of cartoons from the 90’s, and I think became more aware that 90’s cartoons are so good when I was about 13 when they started playing some on TV. I got hooked on shows like Thundercats, Loony Toons and Disney’s Recess. Cartoons, for me will never be cringey.


I believe that a lot of these TV shows could come back, I have noticed a lot of 80–90’s TV shows have become more popular so I don’t see why every ones cartooned childhood wouldn’t as well.

I’m not the only one that thinks our childhood cartoons are going to make a comeback. DARIEL FIGUEROA writes, “For someone like me who had already prematurely graduated to watching George Romero films in the ’90s, perhaps there’s still hope that Nickelodeon will revive some older shows”. Your favourite cartoon as a kid may not have been nickelodeon, as Dariel’s article focuses on, but I’m positive when more people reunite with their childhood, more childhood cartoons will reunite with us.

Although we may reunite with our childhood the kids growing up in this new era of TV, where the cartoon style have changed drastically and some cartoons are actually coming back with a new style, will look at us like we are watching black and white TV. Why watch low graphic cartoons, when they have been recreated in ‘better quality’? Many of us who grew up with original cartoons might agree that they are ruining how we remember our childhood, the new styles can have the affect of your thoughts about the show. “The Simpsons is the longest running sitcom in TV history. Their design, personalities and even their voices have changed dramatically through 25 years on the air” (Diaz, J 2014). The longer something is around, more it changes. The Simpsons has been on air so long that everybody knows what it is and the characters in it, even if you have never watched it, but for a lot of people, watching The Simpsons at night before you go to bed was part of your daily routine, I know it was for me.

The Simpsons is a good example of a successful cartoon, not only because it the longest running sitcom in history, but because of the range of content and references that are packed into every episode, from flashbacks involving historic events, social points of view on numerous topics (eg. accessible firearms) and even possible predictions for the future. It’s topics like these that keeps a show interesting and is possibly a main reason everyone is fascinated by the Simpsons. However, not all cartoons have had such a long run and it would be great to have the ability to go back and relive these shows.