Pinterest and Content Curation

Having hobbies and interests are a part of who you are as a person, it lets other people know who you are. Sites like Pinterest help to share pieces of yourself with other people. Pinterest is a site where you create boards of material that you like. You ‘pin’ whatever you want from whatever site you want, the pin becomes a link, and can be used to view ebooks, articles, pictures, and more.

My Pinterest page

I use Pinterest to showcase who I am. Being a guitarist is a large part of my identity, which lead me to doing a Bachelor of Audio at SAE Qantm in Brisbane. As well as being enthused with music, I also love games, movies and a variety of TV shows. 
I hope that I can illustrate my love of games, movies and TV shows through my meme board and my love of guitars and music through my cool guitar board and my Audio board.

My Pinterest account can be found here:

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