CIU111 Week 4 Blog, Interview Techniques

The focus of any interview is to find out what kind of person you are and what kind of worker you are. The employer wants to know not only if you are able to do the work but also if you would be an asset to the company.

In the class we were taught how to properly setup a professional social media accounts and a website to store your work for employers to go to and see what kind of work and at what quality you can produce. We looked at examples for this and had peer evaluation on the types of websites that others had created. Another thing that we learnt was how to create a professional resume and use that to your advantage for that dream job that we want as creatives.

(“Interview Tips for Introverts | Adzuna”, 2016)

In this lecture there were many significant parts, mainly was the interview questions and how to answer the important questions that employers ask during the interview process.

An article titled “10 Steps to a Good Interview explains thoroughly steps” which candidates must know before entering a job interview, and how they can act to increase chances of getting hired.

According to the book “Haldane’s Best Answers to Tough Interview Questions,” job interviews have more to do with chemistry and likability than determining qualifications. The potential employer has already seen your resume; now you have to bring that piece of paper to life by showcasing your personality, selling your talents, and highlighting your enthusiasm. Although getting ready for an interview can be daunting, there are steps you can take to prepare.

Professional issues obviously do appear in this lecture. Simply because of the professionalism of the jobs and the topic of the lecture. I do not think that there could be any other view on this topic only because the subject is a fact and the way to get them is to produce and show your work to the employer to increase your chance of getting that job.


What I take away from this lecture is to refine our documents and provide more of a professional platform that accurately displays our skills and what we can do for the company. This will increase the employment chance for you as a creative. I will defiantly be creating this and listening to the lecturer about what is the best. I’ve taken a lot of this information in because I believe that if I follow this strategy and use other previous work as examples of what I can do it will vastly increase employment rate.


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