Production Roles

Week 2.

I came into the course wanting to be a music video director. Since going into this course I now would love to write and direct films and television as well.

A music video director’s job is to write a concept and pitch it to the label. Then after the artist approves the concept. Then the label needs to approve or adjust some ideas to fit the budget. Then its setting a date, booking a place, dance rehearsals, wardrobe fitting then its shot. Then it’s edited. Music video director, Hannah Lux, says the process can take from a couple of days to a week, from concept to edit. This is a video I watched back in the day once I decided I wanted to be a music video director. and another woman I recently found who I admire is Hannah Lux Davis.

A director is quite similar to a music video director, they’re in charge of a film’s creative success or failure. They have the final say in every department and every department works off the director’s ideas from the treatment they made. This is to entail everyone apart of the crew is working towards the same final goal. A director I aspire to be like is Jean Marc Vallee.

A writer’s in short researches and develops story ideas and writes screenplays. Writers would start by coming up with an original concept from then they would develop a treatment and write a script based off that. They would also create a logline and synopsis to sell their story. The process can take many drafts and table reads in collaboration with other creative minds to tweak the story or sort out any plot holes.

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