FLM110: Blog 2— Topic 10: Audiences

How you interact as an audience member when you watch films. Do you prefer the cinema or a different kind of exhibition space? Why?

It depends on the film.

If its a movie that is meant to be seen at the cinema [due to the technology used — Avatar in 3D, or a Mel Gibson directed film (Hacksaw Ridge…Hype!) or Comicbook films] then yes i’d watch them at a cinema. If its a movie up for award consideration/great reviews, then i’d watch them in a cinema.

But, if its a normal film (which has nothing special attached to it) then i’d consider watching it at home — Netflix App on TV/HDMI cable and watch it on TV. Sometimes, i’d watch it on a phone — when i’m travelling.

However, I never watch movies that are being aired on TV — mainly because they are sped up, and ads annoy the hell out of me; because a film will get really interesting and then 4 minutes of advertisements (which just suspends your already suspended disbelief, and its something that you cant get back into).

As an audience member, I prefer not to really interact with films — apart from a few discussion threads on reddit/or essays for uni, The Fast and Furious franchise, and films that are made for multiple viewings (i.e.: Memento) to make you think and dig deeper.

Main reason for staying away from interacting with films is because it has always ruined my experience with them. And I have way more fun watching movies (including the Transformers franchise) when I stay away from interactions. I don’t go into Transformers expecting an Oscar worthy movie with some deep meaning to read into. I go in expecting a tonne of explosions, cool animations of cars turning into machines, and these machines beating the living daylights out of each other. Whereas, If i were to dig deep into it, then i’d find a lot of rushed/messy film work (unfinished green screens, pyro guy being in frame etc…). Essentially, I’ve enjoyed some of the worst films — by not looking deep into them.

Or it can be the complete opposite, example: I never grew up with Star Wars — TFA releases → people go wild → I watch the SW films → and I just try to find reasons to like it (apologies, but, i watched 4–7 in a row…and it was just the same movie over and over again. I would have easily loved Tony Zhou’s — Every Frame a Painting guy — version of the film: https://medium.com/@tonyszhou/the-force-awakens-is-a-deeply-broken-film-b-c-one-character-shouldn-t-be-there-spoilers-b31e33a44ee6#.eg27oqf3u — Worth a read). I went in expecting this amazing movie, which every audience category was said to love, and I came out disappointed. So maybe its an expectation thing that listening and falling to buzz creates?

The only time a film has impacted me on a personal/emotional level was with the ending of Furious 7 (2015)/Paul Walker’s tribute, mainly because 2 Fast 2 Furious (2003) was the first Hollywood movie I’d watched (growing up with Bollywood films), and I followed the franchise since. And its a franchise that I love and follow closely, so it is ultimately my main interaction with film as an audience member.

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