FLM235 — Week 11

Sunday 6/Aug/2017

Alex and I cleaned up the edit of the arbitration scene. Worked on a grade for it as well. And then I spent the rest of the day cleaning up the audio. Learnt a bit about using Adobe Audition in the process. As the audio was recorded super low, if it was bumped up - it brought out all the background static and noise. So to fix this, I bumped it up and then did a bit of noise removal. And it worked for most of it, but, sometimes it tried to cut out the background noise in the dialogue section as well — which made the dialogue sound a bit like it was being broadcast through a tin.

So tweaked around a lot with that, Audition also had a really neat fade feature which made the sudden truck noises a bit easier to fade towards the end of each audio track. And to combat the difference in each tracks level of noise removal, i put in 3 different ambiance tracks.Which helped fix a lot the difference, but, still its not as good as it would be if the audio was recorded at a proper level.

One thing I didnt realise though was that everytime I clicked “Edit Clip with Audition” for the same track, Adobe kept making new files that followed “FileName-Audio Converted Audio Converted Audio Converted…..”. It added an audio converted after each time, so, I’ll redo that tomorrow so that the files arent so messy.

Also worked on the graphics for the news sequence a bit more.

News Logo

Came up with this news logo, simple design, and a bit of tongue and cheek in its meaning.

Overall a pretty productive Sunday.

On Monday, the wake scene was filmed. I synced everything on the night and had everything ready to edit on Tuesday. Alex and co really liked the first rough cut of it that I did on Tuesday night. Once again, the knowledge from last Saturday’s Open Day editing session came really handy. We made a few tweaks, but, decided to leave fine tuning till we got the entire episode shot and assembled.

So with that done, I now had to focus on getting everyone their title sequences. It wasnt as easy as giving them the After Effects file and telling them to change the Directors Credit to math theirs, the text effect for the credits starts with a mask created from the text. And then has a bunch of effects and pre-composing done. So i thought it would be easier if I just did it. But, one thing I didnt realise was that since I was using Dynamic Link, andexporting in 2K ProRes the export time for each title sequence was about 30mins each. And since I’m a Windows user at home, I couldnt export the ProRes files at home, was at uni till about 11pm just standing around exporting one after the other.

On Wednesday they filmed the final scene with Dickie, and a lot of other stuff. So I spent Wednesday night in uni doing data wrangling work and editing the final sequence for Ep 1. Alex had some fun with the song choice, going with Boogie Child by the Bee Gees as a reference. And I also did the old TV effect on After Effects for the news scene.

Which was a challenge, because I didnt even know where to begin. But then I started thinking of approaching it in After Effects the same way I would if I was editing an image in Photoshop.

First, precompose → duplicate it 3 times → RGB split → precompose → do a quick rescale to make it look like the TV turned off with the help of motion blur →Distortion Effect tutorial from YouTube → more VHS overlay courtesy of Premiumbeat.com → Precompose → rescale comp to fit inside the tv image → Camera → Zoom in. Seems easy now, but, I was in wayyy over my head at the time.

On Thursday they filmed the Bathroom scene. But I only managed to Sync everything for that, spent the entire time Data Wrangling and backing up. Was an annoying process as they filmed a good 25% of the series on that friday, so it was just waiting for Data to transfer and then Media Encoder to convert everything into ProRes to 2K.

Friday, no one really had any complaints about the edit, just a few tightens. Friday night, Alex and I edited the bathroom scene and worked a bit more on the news scene. And then tightened everything up based on feedback.

On Saturday/Sunday I worked on Ep 5 for a bit, as Edie had an internship shoot. I didnt make any drastic change I just rolled over the footage to mak some of the cuts a bit smoother, and then clean up the timeline for the Audio students. Towards the end of Sunday Alex and I cleaned up the arbitration scene to try and remove anything that bores the audience.

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