FLM235 Week 1 Blog

The start of the new trimester and the beginning of our last studio class, and what a dense studio class we have in stall for us. FLM235 is the production of a mini web-series, a series of short 3–5 minute webisodes designed to appear on youtube or one of the other numerous platforms on the internet. Coming into the first class we were told that we should come prepared with a pitch for an idea that we’d like to see created. This for me was not a difficult task as I had been constructing an idea in my head since the trimester before.

I came into the pitches quietly confident as my pre-pitch suss of the competition (my friends and fellow students) revealed that only a small handful had come prepared with an idea they were passionate about, most revealing to me that they didn’t have a huge interest in web-series, choosing to dedicate most of their effort into their capstone development. Knowing that I didn’t have to worry about capstone until next tri, I knew that I would have an advantage as I could focus all my creative efforts on this subject. I also had the pre-approval of my fellow students, some of whom were quite eager to see my idea; ‘Fleshed Out’, go into production.

I decided to pitch early on in the day, hoping to get it out the way before the class became bored and disinterested, especially considering my idea takes a lot of explaining. Going up to pitch I felt confident in my idea and my presentation, I had pictures and colourful slides hoping to entice the audience, I felt more prepared for that pitch than any other presentation I’ve made.

But I forgot one crucial thing…


The first thing Ian Dixon taught me about pitching a comedy is to make your audience laugh. If they aren’t gut laughing during the pitch, then you’re not selling the idea. Oh Ian how I failed you. I got too hung up on explaining the world and how the character dynamics work that I forgot to prove that it’s funny, although I reassured the class that it was a comedy, some still weren’t sure. As it turns out, you can’t tell people something will be funny if you don’t prove it. Im hoping this slip-up isn’t detrimental to my pitch as Itruly think fleshed out has some true potential to be a great comedy series.

We’ll find out next week.

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