FLM235 Week 2 Blog

a typical writers meeting just before the name calling and chair throwing.

Development and pre-production begins on the web-series. The beginning of a very intense few weeks has begun and we’re already in overdrive. The ideas have been chosen and the crews have been decided. Unfortunately for me, ‘Fleshed Out’ was not chosen to go into development this trimester. Although it polled well, it was not quite popular enough to secure a spot in the top 2 and even though i’m a little disappointed, Iknow i’ll have another crack at it next trimester for capstone.

The two projects that have been chosen to go into production this trimester are ‘Death The dude’, a story of a grim reaper stuck in his mundane job and ‘Average Joe’ a story of a middle aged man that wants to be a pornstar. Luckily for me, I struck gold as the two projects are comedies and comedy is my strongest genre. This week we decided roles for the rest of the class, and this is where things got a little worrying. There was no delegation of students and any role that someone put their hand up for is the one they received. This lead to the issue of having 9 writers on one project, 5 directors on another, and barely a gaffer between them, a recipe for disaster.

Our first point of contact was a production meeting with everyone who chose to be on ‘Death The Dude’, and my worries did not cease here either, after hearing the show runner’s rather lackluster ‘pep-talk’ in which he discussed how he wants the show to be run and the ways he plans on making such a lopsided crew work, although my worry may have just been carry over bitterness from not having my idea chosen, I’m a sore loser.

I’ve been assigned as one of two writers for episode 2 of ‘Death The Dude’ and although I have my concerns, I’m going to push on with my first draft and hope everything else sorts itself out.

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