FLM235 Week 3 Blog

Week three has come to an end and the projects are starting to roll. The writing teams have put in a lot of hard work to stay ahead of the game and give the camera teams and producers plenty of time to get themselves organised before shoot days.

Jordan Holloway and myself have attacked the second episode well and we’re on track as set by the producers. The end of last week had us put together the episode treatment, I wrote up the treatment and Jordan edited it and changed what he thought would make it better. We then had a few writers meetings and production meetings in which these treatments were discussed and scrutinised by the writing team as a collective, including the show-runner, in order to give us a clear and structured idea to start our script.

Jordan and myself then made a start on our first draft. We both delegates scenes and split the episode essentially in half and made a start. We then came back and meshed our scenes together and sanded off the rough edges.

Meanwhile in class, we looked at blocking and how to prepare camera teams in order to make shoot dates run efficiently. We were given a script excerpt and we then marked out a space in the classroom and were tasked of blocking the scene, taking into consideration space restrictions, character relations and interesting and appealing shots. We then looked at the scene from the film and realised that there was a much better and much more efficient way of filming it.

We have much to learn.

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