FLM235 Week 4 Blog

At least once a trimester I prove to the class that I can’t act and shouldn’t be allowed in front of camera. They keep forgetting.

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Week one started as per usual. We had a writers meeting on Monday which was to discuss and breakdown our first draft scripts. Unfortunately only half the writing team rocked up for this meeting, even the show-runner arrived late, but at least one writer was present from each episode so we got stuck in anyway. We each came armed with feedback both warm and cold on each of the other scripts and worked on ideas for making each episode funnier and flow better. We noticed that the episodes fit together quite well with limited overlap of ideas. We also noticed that the main character of Paul was fairly consistent throughout each episode, this couldn’t be said for all the other characters unfortunately.

We then made a start on our second draft of the scripts after taking notes on what the other writers had to say, mostly coming down to striping back long segments of back and forth dialog and making characters uniform across the episodes.

We then had a test shoot of a scene from my episode, a excerpt of dialog I wrote. This was a good experience for me as I not only got to act as Paul and could perform the script the way I wrote it, but also it was good to see how others interpreted my script and how it sounds when read aloud. The test shoot went well and each area of production got to test ideas and see how we work as a team. We also had to build a set for this scene which was a fun experience, I then got to kick around dressed in costume for the day.

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