Week 1 — My Professional Identity & How We Are The Same

Throughout the Week 1 lecture, professional identity was talked about and how important it is to have one when venturing into the creative industry. I learned that a professional identity is a key thing all artists from any creative discipline should have as it allows you to present yourself to potential clients, jobs and studios and to interact with them in a professional way where you are most likely to obtain the job and maintain it.

(Chreim, Williams, & Hinings, 2007; Cohen-Scali, 2003) http://slideplayer.com/slide/753942/

During the lecture, discussion about how each discipline is bound to cross paths when working in the creative industry and how they are similar in a way. My discipline is Animation but I can see the similarity it shares with game design. Both disciplines require careful planning and time management, efficient work ethics, clear communication and similar working processes. They also require professional identities as any creative discipline would need when working in the creative industry to optimize communication and collaborative skills.

Games will always require animations (LeJacq et al., 2015)

There was also a discussion about ‘What would you do as a job if money was no object?’ My response was, I would work as a character designer for a games or animation studio and create a whole lot of appealing, unique and instantly recognizable characters that are loved worldwide. Each character would have a backstory that links with the world they live in and other characters, much like League of Legends, Pokemon and Overwatch.


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