Mar 30, 2017 · 2 min read

by Yvonne Campbell

No one came, no one answered

We didn’t give a damn

We hollered all the way down the street

Hollering like banshees

Eyes covered

Arms high

It was serious,

It was deadly serious

It was slightly off key but no one gave a damn

We had broken it

But there was no one left to see

We saw the brilliance of the sky before it was gone

But we didn’t know it wouldn’t come back

We kissed the jays

We saluted the stars

We ran from the dogs, we blessed the ground and we didn’t get up

No one came, no one answered

We didn’t give a damn

The night was over

The dawn didn’t come

It was the same as it was before

We didn’t dare move, we didn’t dare pee

We sat up all day and dreamed

It was over before it began

We didn’t give a damn

About that either

Yvonne Campbell, a long time writer, started her first novel at 8. She is a compulsive journal writer, poet, and from the distant past a visual artist. She is most of all a call back from the surrealists who never saw anything for what it is. Currently, she writing a memoir of life in the 70’s as a radical feminist, or she thinks she is.