Combating Fatigue with Creativity
Apr 10, 2017 · 3 min read

Week eleven—three to go

This week documents unveiled by ProPublica show President Trump has easy monetary access to the businesses he reportedly put in a blind trust, and no legal obligation to disclose any of his transactions. While the President’s business interests continue to get a boost from his station, President Trump donated the first three months of his presidential salary to the National Park Service. Also this week, President Trump blamed the former administration for the chemical attack in Syria and launched a missile attack.

This week Katina Papson Rigby represented 100 Days Action in KALW’s Your Call program on Creative Resistance. This week we featured actions meant to get you talking, burst bubbles, and show gratitude. Lauren DiCioccio hosted a group of participants at Minnesota Street Project in embroidering messages of gratitude to elected officials.

One of the questions we get a lot as part of 100 Days Action is the question of endurance.

Namely: how does one deal with fatigue?

This is a question 100 Days Action is split over.

A few in our group say that fatigue is privilege. If you feel tired, and you have the option to opt out, it means you enjoy privilege. And while you should recoup, the general idea is that you do not get to take a break while there is injustice—since there those who do not get to take breaks from being black, gay, female, immigrant, undocumented, different.

The other half of our group answer this question by bringing up the role of art. Activists and artists are both caretakers, bringing to the fore the nuance of issues. But while activists work toward concrete results, artists mine history, metaphor, and the material of their form in order to land the center of nuance in an issue that would otherwise not be grasped. There is a value in this oblique truth, even as it is not immediate. There is no roadmap to this center, and when we get there our life center shifts.


This week as we finished our installation at the front gallery of Yerba Buena Arts Center, it occurred to us that a better way to answer How does one deal with fatigue? is by asking another question—what is actually making you fatigued? We are not cut the same way—not in our personalities, and hence, not in our activism and art making. 24 Hour Resistance is an exploration of this counter question and we hope you stop by to detail it for yourself and use your newly-acquired knowledge to move forward.


4/10: No Safe Spaces, a poem by Fred Dodsworth: Standing midst the flames
like wolves’ tongues / surrounded by shattered lives, /the sun sets in the East this time, /a dark orange pallor /casting its sickly shadow /over dreams once offered / it’s a republic, if you can keep it,/said an old white dead guy…”
4/11: Stamp Out Hate by Daniel Beeson, inviting you to send messages of love and appreciation to LGBTQ centers.
4/12: Could _____ Actually _____? by Keith Wilson, asking you, now that the impossible has happened, to imagine future impossibilities.
4/13: Contraband, a poem by Bonnie Kwong: “my father arrived in the US/ with a suitcase / full of nothing but ideas /my parents settled in snow /snow past spring /US Customs and Border Protection Welcomes You to the United States/ I have nothing to declare…”
4/14: Gulliver’s Travels, a piece about taking art into the everyday political arena
4/15: Statue of Liberty, inviting you to chalk an outline of the Statue of Liberty wherever you are.
4/16: Rituals Adjacent to Trump by Liat Berdugo and Leora Fridman, a dinner party to which you may bring all the problems you have as a result of living under the Trump administration.

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100 Days Action presents a calendar of activist and poetic action as a counternarrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan.

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