Apr 23, 2017 · 3 min read

This week President Trump dropped the mother of all bombs on Afghanistan. He also signed an executive order to limit foreign workers that come to the U.S. via H1-B visas. Deportations of immigrants who arrived to the U.S. as children have increased. The Trump administration has discontinued the practice of making the White House visitor logs public.

This week, as we near the end of the 100 days, 100 Days Action has been thinking a lot about what this journey has been like. We thought back to those early days when our eyes began that nervous dance: the up and down spring as we followed the news updates in our screens, the side to side dart in public places, the long hours, the breath stuck in our throats.

We felt like we were on fire, and so we were unable to respond to the crisis of imagination we saw in our country with anything but an insistence on joy and an insistence in making space for those whose lives the election seemed to say did not matter.

This is why, after our day jobs, between sleep and eating and marching, we worked it in—between lunch, before work, after work, when we couldn’t sleep—we corresponded with so many of you to put on the 152 actions that we felt could expand our collective imaginations. Today we want to thank YOU. You helped us raise up the voices of incarcerated artists, poets, performance artists, activists, thinkers, and immigrants who were women who were muslim who were queer who were allies.

The way we are closing the 100 Days is with the most counteractive emotion we can think of. We are insisting on joy. We believe it is important to insist on joy when things are bleak, on exuberance when our identities are miscounted.

Catch DJ Hagage Masaed at our No Ban Party at Gray Area on 4/29

On Sat 29th, the 99th day, we are having a poetry reading at Clarion Alley featuring poems we’ve been publishing on our Medium page, a happy hour at The Stud, and a blow out dance party with music and DJs from the 7 countries involved in the travel ban at Gray Area.

For many of us this is not the first time we have experienced a personal sense of emergency, and so as before, we turn to dance. Music is built in such a way as to set us loose — in the dim dark you can know you are broken and your country is broken and yet with sweat pouring down your face you can also know that at least in this moment there is nothing missing.

This has always been a project of inclusion. Here is our final programming. Join us in crossing the finish line.


4/24: Theoretical Wall-chitecture, a piece by artist Justin Hoover inviting you to send your irreverent ideas for a border wall to the Department of Defense.
4/25: Counter Fascism Through Sexcams by The Couming Edge, inviting you to take over sex cams and burst some socio-cultural-political bubbles.
4/26: 100 Days Action Flag Unveiling by Cristina Victor. In a collaboration with 100 Days Action, we have designed a resistance flag and will unveil it on this day!
4/27: Talking Down to Trump, an evening featuring short film, reading, and live dance performance, as well as group meditation organized by artists, activists, and mothers who work, live, and resist in the Bay Area.
4/28: Political Album Cover DIY by Juan Luna Avín, inviting you to change your favorite album covers into political masterpieces.


Call & Response: Readings by 100 Days Action Poets 2–3:30 pm at Clarion Alley.
100 Days Action Happy Hour at the Stud 5–9:00 pm
100 Days Action No Ban Dance Party at Gray Area, 10 pm-2am


This is Not a Gun by Cara Levine and Amanda Eicher, a workshop to make objects that have been mistaken for guns in police shootings
Anti-Trump Aerobics by Liat Berdugo and Margaret McCarthy, an aerobics class with extra long red ties as props

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100 Days Action presents a calendar of activist and poetic action as a counternarrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan.

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