It’s All the Rage

by MK Chavez

Somewhere in America
a man takes a picture
of a dog, he has trained
to raise a front paw
in salute, every time
Heil Hitler is uttered.

At one-time film
was calibrated only
for white skin
but please don’t
mention it.

Angry white men
stare at me on buses.

Name me blind spot.

Today, in Germany,
Nazi salutes are illegal,
so, welcome to America.

Oakland based writer, MK Chavez is the author of several chapbooks, including Mothermorphosis. Dear Animal, her first full collection was released in October 2016 by Nomadic Press. Chavez is co-founder/curator of the reading series Lyrics & Dirges, curator of Uptown Friday Readings in Oakland, and co-director of the Berkeley Poetry Festival. In 2016 she received an Alameda County Arts Leadership Award.