24 Hour Resistance

Week ten — five to go

Apr 4, 2017 · 3 min read

This week President Trump signed an order lifting limits on coal and making it easier to sell coal leases from federal lands. Jared Kushner, President Trump’s son-in-law is to head the White House department of innovation which will make government run more like a business. President Trump approval ratings dropped again.

This week 100 Days Action is thrilled to announce we will be in residence at YBCA in their first floor gallery. We bring you 24 Hour Resistance, an artivist gym, with our opening scheduled for this coming Sunday. In thinking about the end of these one hundred days, the question of the next hundred days, and the hundred days after that always come up. Time can be dizzying. Endurance is dizzying when it has no finish line.

We at 100 Days Action wanted to cross this finite finish line by nodding to the infinite before us. Oddly, we found inspiration in gym slogans. The team has been emailing back and forth passing the slogans we find in our respective late-night-screen rituals. Some of the favorites? UNLESS YOU PUKE, FAINT, OR DIE, KEEP GOING. Another: PAIN IS WEAKNESS LEAVING THE BODY. And of course, the one we felt applied the most to the act of political endurance: DON’T WISH FOR IT. WORK FOR IT.

This last week we put on a bicycle resistance tour led by artist Jessica Tully, we used the opposite bathrooms we are used to in order to raise awareness for trans issues, we presented an action by Michele Pred, who gave out one dollar bills precisely cut to represent the differences between what women of different racial backgrounds earn compared to white men.

We were also very excited to present an instagram project that brings out voices from San Quentin Prison. We have always believed in empathy as a means of creating a nuanced understanding of the issues, and this project provides nuance by the bucketful. Headed by artist Amy Ho, this project brings you quotes from the incarcerated men at San Quentin Prison, as well as giving you an inside look into their lives.


4/3: The Trumpeters, a poem by Michael Rothenberg: Cowards in white sheets, the skinhead cops / and racists, the religious working men / and women who think a woman’s place is / in the kitchen and children are to be seen / and not heard, and believe people of color / are here in America as a privilege not a right.”
4/4: Revolution of Values Story Circle by the U.S Department of Arts and Culture, inviting you to host your own story circle around MLK’s words.
4/5: Null/void by Rebecca Foster, asking you to excise symbols of power.
4/6: 3LAM a pen pal project connecting you with someone who feels differently about our President than you do. Sign up! Spread the love!
4/7: bull | machete | bullet | laurel |time a poem by Raina León: “we are the beast together / I know what it is to be asked / What are you? / The prod and pull of hands / on skin, through hair / as if to catalogue me for auction”
4/8: Embroi der a Letter by Lauren DiCioccio, an embroidering workshop to make your rep messages worth more than a thousand words.
4/9: 24 Hour Resistance by 100 Days Action, our opening at YBCA. Come!


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100 Days Action presents a calendar of activist and poetic action as a counternarrative to Trump’s one hundred day plan.

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