Are we there yet?

Launch is set for 18th May.

Why create a petition website?

The debate around the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is highly polarised and the outrage expressed on both sides is amplified on social media in a vicious circle, crowding out nuanced and moderate views.

Would promotion of such views help? In Northern Ireland it was hardliners after all who made peace a reality.

With the current politics in Israel and the Occupied Territories the emergence of far sighted political leadership on either side seems remote. It is conceivable that amplification of both moderate voices and the frustration at the status quo by non-partisans will nudge political calculations in a direction conducive to peace.

Can a petition help achieve such amplification? Sure we have doubts. A petition becomes newsworthy if it is vehemently for or against something or somebody.

A petition promoting a moderate position on the conflict makes for a poor rallying cry so why on earth create a petition website? The honest answer is that when you have a hammer everything appears to be a nail and for software developers, the first solution that’s considered is a digital one.

That said, we have no idea what the response will be to the petition but a surefire way of finding out is to launch.

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