• By Jon Jordan

Hey everybody! Today’s act is education. We’re moving into the home stretch on Trump’s 100 days in office. One of his biggest promises during the campaign was tax reform, and looks like he’s trying to get to it right at the wire.
Unfortunately, the tax plan that the administration has released is nothing more than a set of bad idea bullet points. The biggest piece in it is reducing the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% without anything to make up the difference in the federal budget.
His position is that the companies will reinvest the…

What is it?
A government shutdown occurs when the government does not have enough money to fund future operations or projects.

This shutdown really only impacts those who work for the government but do not hold “elected” or military positions, AKA civilian workers. They get “furloughed” meaning, they are told not to come to work until the people in elected positions can find money for future operations and projects.

There have been 18 “gaps” in funding, 7 of which have actually gone on to the point at which civilian employees need to be furloughed.

How does it impact the…

The other day it was announced that Donald Trump would be speaking at the National Rifle Association’s convention this year. He’ll be the first President to do so in 34 years. Additionally, he’s been quietly repealing Obama-era gun restrictions over the past few months.

Shootings have become so commonplace in the US it feels as if they rarely make major headlines. The other day, an Ohio man was even able to upload a recording of his fatal shooting of another man on Facebook.

There is a difference between gun rights and gun control, the former advocating…

by Jon Jordan

Hey everybody. Today’s act is pretty quick. Most of the current administration’s actions have been to remove or limit regulations.

The source I’m posting below shows the two sides of the situation.
- What the current regulation is and how it benefits people.
- How the administration wants to roll it back, and who that would benefit.

This is the clearest and easiest to navigate source I’ve found on this topic. Take a look. Most of them follow the old saying “follow the money”.

Use this info to inform any acts you might take in the future. Good luck!

Hey everyone! Today’s act is pretty quick, and will make future acts even easier. I’ve listed an article that describes how to use tweetstorms, and tools that will make them easier.

The second part, is use those tools to tweet at Fox News to drop Bill O’Reilly. If you haven’t seen the news story surrounding it, O’Reilly has a history of accusations relating to sexual harassment. Since 2002, Fox and O’Reilly have paid over $13 million in out of court settlements brought against him by 5 separate women.

Over 50 of his biggest advertisers have pulled ads from his show…

  • by Jon Jordan

Hey there everybody. Tax season is upon us yet again; so for today’s act, you can tweet at the members of congress who have been working the hardest to shield Trump from having to release his tax returns.

Mountain Jane Laurel has set up a REALLY easy way to do it. Just click the link below, and it will take you to a list. Any of the links you click there will pop up as a fully formed, really awesome tweet directed at the congressperson in question. All you have to do is hit send from there.

Send one, send all 100. We leave that up to you, but the more, the merrier. Good luck!

In another addition of A Regular Person’s Guide to Understanding the US Government!*

There has been a lot of talk about the US Supreme Court with Neil Gorsuch’s nomination. We’ve heard a lot about him and the dead guy, Scalia, but who is already on the Supreme Court?

Chief Justice: John Roberts
Appointed: 2005 by George W. Bush
Age: 62
Political Party: Republican

The rest:

Anthony Kennedy
Appointed: 1988 by Ronald Reagan
Age: 80
Political Party: Republican

Clarence Thomas
Appointed: 1991 by George H.W. Bush
Age: 68
Political Party: Republican

Ruth Bader Ginsberg
Appointed: 1993 by Bill Clinton
Age: 84
Political Party: Democratic


A Regular Person’s Guide to Understanding the United States Government*

In response to: WSJ Article “Ex-CIA Director: Mike Flynn and Turkish Officials Discussed Removal of Erdogan Foe From U.S.”

For those of you who follow the Wall Street Journal, you may have just received the above news update. If many of you are like me you might have wondered “Who the fuck is Erdogan Foe?” So I took the liberty of looking it up.

1. Erdogan Foe: not the name of a person.

2. Erdogan: AKA: Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. The President of Turkey (2014 — present)

3. “Foe”: Muhammed Fethullah…

A Regular Person’s Guide to Understanding the United States Government*
*As interpreted from Wikipedia by an unemployed girl with too much time on her hands.

Congress: A Summary.

Congress was originally formed in 1774 in response to England being very mad about the Boston Tea Party. “Congress” was one group of Founding Fathers (think: John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, George Washington plus a bunch of other guys). They did things like start the first US military, wrote the United States Declaration of Independence (when the US told England to fuck off), and the…

Hey there everybody. Today is a pretty quick act, but definitely important. It’s learning about the tactic the GOP is using to repeal the ACA and replace it with the AHCA. I’ll post an article below that goes into detail, but the gist of it is that congress only needs a majority vote to do budget reconciliation on an existing bill. This allows them to avoid a filibuster and a 60% vote for a new bill. That is why the AHCA is full of odd stipulations and workarounds.

It’s important to know the odd tricks being used.

Here’s the article, provided by Indivisible:

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