Set up an action group of friends to help reduce resistance fatigue, and let people know about it.

Hey everybody. Today’s act is to help prepare you for the coming weeks and months. We’re coming up to 1 month of Trump in office, and people have been doing an incredible job fighting against his agenda.

But, let’s admit it; this month has been draining. It’s exhausting to read and process the events of the last few weeks, to participate in as many resistance actions as possible. And we often feel guilty for not doing more. People are starting to get resistance fatigue, where they are so overwhelmed and overloaded that their momentum slows.

It’s a real problem that this movement faces. It’s tough to be so active for long periods of time. But the good news is that people are developing methods to reduce resistance fatigue so they can keep going in the long term. As the saying goes, “this is a marathon, not a sprint”.

So today’s action is one of the best ways that I’ve heard to combat resistance fatigue. So today, contact at least two other people and form an action support group. The group could be more if you’d like, but make sure it’s at least two others.

This group is going to be your best tool to stay active and sane as the movement continues. Having partners will make it easier to stay motivated and productive. You can share information with each other. Most importantly, if any one of you needs to take a break, you have at least two other people focused on the same issue that can cover for you while you recharge.

Steps to make your group as successful as possible:

  1. Make sure each person is committed to the group:
    You can all decide what that commitment is going to be, as long as you’re all on the same page and can rely on each other. Figure out how often you want to be in contact, how often you want to participate on things together, and what support you want to provide for each other. It can be as much or as little as you all want. But, come up with a plan and hold each other to it.
  2. The group will be the most successful if you have a shared purpose:
    You can all have issues that you want to participate in individually, but have a shared issue you want to focus on. That way it’s easier to share information and calls to action. And if one of you needs a break to recharge, the others can carry on the work.
  3. Be public about it:
    Let other’s know what you are doing. Post that you have a group and who is in it on social media. This will help to keep other accountable, and it might encourage others to join your group or form their own.
  4. Have fun with it:
    The best way to make sure that you keep active is to enjoy what your doing, or at least a sense of satisfaction. It’s why I recommend creating the group with your friends or co-workers.