33/100: Learn about net neutrality and send in a letter to protect it from Trump’s FCC commissioner, Ajit Pai.

Hey everybody. Today’s act is in two parts. Learn about net neutrality and how the Trump administration is considering ending it. Then send a letter to the FCC defending it.

Two years ago, net neutrality was under threat and a massive grassroots campaign saved it from being cut. As a quick summary, net neutrality is the current practice of an open internet, where all sites and users are given equal weight. An independent blog has just as much potential to reach people as a corporate run site. If net neutrality is ended, the service providers can start selling packaged deals to users and hosts which will direct traffic to certain sites (and in effect act to censor others). 
With the current administration trying to discredit news and information, this is incredibly dangerous. We can’t allow the internet to be controlled by corporate interests. It is the ultimate medium we have for free speech.

So today’s act will be to send a letter to the FCC defending net neutrality. I’ve included an older article that gives background on the topic (from 2015, but still applies). The second link goes to an article where you can send a digital letter to “The Nation”. They will hand deliver each of these letters to the FCC for us.

The article with the background info:

The page where you can write the letter to the FCC:

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