46/100: Support the ACLU’s new grassroots effort, “People Power”

Hey everybody, today’s act is in 3 parts: 
1) Learn about the ACLU’s newest effort (People Power)
2) Sign up on their page
3) Schedule time in your calendar to attend their first event or live stream on March 11th

The ACLU has developed a pretty amazing program, called People Power, to help everyday people become more active. The program will not only be an active protesting group, but will work to train and support other grassroots activists and organizations.

The have a number of action events scheduled around the country for this Saturday, March 11th. If you can’t attend one, they are also doing a livestream to make sure to include anyone and everyone who wants to be a more effective activist.

Here’s an article with a bit more info about the organization:

Here’s their site to sign up:

Once you sign up, they will have a full list of action events and next steps.

Bonus action: share the info and get one other person involved. Help spread the word!

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