North Dakota has a new governor. Call him and ask him to protect the rights of Standing Rock protestors

Hey there party people. Today’s activity is give a call to the North Dakota governors office. This is a new governor from the one in place when the DAPL protest began. Give him a call and tell him to change practices, not repeat the mistakes of his predecessor.

This call should be focused, just focus on removing the road block and ensuring that the police won’t use violent tactics to remove protestors from the site.

Here’s his number and a call script. Good luck!

Doug Bergum: (701) 328- 2200

Hello, my name is __________, and I’m calling on behalf of the water protectors at Standing Rock Reservation. I am calling to ask for a de-escalation of the violent tactics being used by law enforcement and that respect be shown for the constitutional rights of those engaging in nonviolent direct actions involving civil disobedience. Please pressure the Morton County Sheriff’s Dept. to stop using violent militaristic actions against the Standing Rock Water Protectors, and to remove the road blockade. Please stand up for citizens of North Dakota and the United States, Native and non-Native, who are entitled to a healthy environment and the assurance that they can assemble, pray, and protect their water without being subjected to violence. Thank you.