Educate yourself on the NRA, gun rights and gun control.

The other day it was announced that Donald Trump would be speaking at the National Rifle Association’s convention this year. He’ll be the first President to do so in 34 years. Additionally, he’s been quietly repealing Obama-era gun restrictions over the past few months. 
 Shootings have become so commonplace in the US it feels as if they rarely make major headlines. The other day, an Ohio man was even able to upload a recording of his fatal shooting of another man on Facebook
 There is a difference between gun rights and gun control, the former advocating that every American, including the likes of criminals and youths, has the right to own a gun no questions asked, and the later looking to control who has access to purchasing guns (not necessarily looking to take anyone’s guns away).
 Everytown for Gun Safety is an organization formed in 2012, after the Sandy Hook Shooting, that looks to make the US’s communities safer for all by supporting “common-sense” gun control measures. Today’s action is to educate yourself on gun control and the significance of our President supporting such a controversial organization. Learn more about Everytown and support your community by following them on social media, signing up for their email list, or donating. 
 As the NRA convention gets closer (April 27th-30th), we’ll be sure to update you on other actions to get involved with Gun Control organizations and the protests that are shaping over the next few weeks. 
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