Government Shutdown

What is it?
 A government shutdown occurs when the government does not have enough money to fund future operations or projects.

This shutdown really only impacts those who work for the government but do not hold “elected” or military positions, AKA civilian workers. They get “furloughed” meaning, they are told not to come to work until the people in elected positions can find money for future operations and projects.

There have been 18 “gaps” in funding, 7 of which have actually gone on to the point at which civilian employees need to be furloughed.
 How does it impact the rest of Americans?
 This CNN article outlines it well here.

Basically, you can’t go to zoos or national parks. If you’re waiting on a permit from the government, you’re going to be waiting a while. If you need a loan, that’s too bad.

Fun Fact: If the shutdown occurs, it would be the earliest shutdown to ever happen in a president’s tenure in US history.

How can the Trump administration prevent a government shutdown?

Don’t build a wall

Don’t increase military spending by $54B

Other suggestions have been more focused on health-care related subjects. For example, the ever-popular defunding of Planned Parenthood (warning: graphic images in that link), cutting government assistance for Americans paying for their health insurance through the government Affordable Care Act
 As of this morning, Paul Ryan seems hopeful that the shutdown will be prevented. Let’s try and stand alongside his positive outlook.