How to live the good life

Most of the time alone I end up thinking what other people think the purpose of life is. I know it’s not a simple thing to explain to anybody, and that everyone can have a different version of it, but when i ask that question to people I meet, or my family and friends, most of them will say that being happy. Being Happy is the answer that 80–90 % of the people answer when I ask them that. But how do you know you are living a happy life? Does it just suddenly happen out of nowhere? Are some people born with it and some people will simply never have it?

Do you need to wait? Or do you need to earn it?

All of this question arise in my head when someone tells me that. Now, I notice that most of them describe the good life as being happy by doing what you love, growing a family, making art or doing sports, maybe even growing a business or helping people by profession like a doctor or a lawyer. I came to the conclusion that most people are right, when you do the things you love for a living you will be happy, but they can’t tell why or how this happens. And not only that. Your meaning or doing that thing that gives purpose to our life is not all. It is only a mean to an end. What about health? Family, love, social life? Even wealth plays an important role to living the good life.

In order to have a great life one must have 4 things in balance going on on their daily life; health, wealth, love, and happiness/ meaning.

And one must optimize for the moment to really be living the good life, not giving up health for 10 years in order to make a lot of money that later you will spend to gain that health again, is an example of not optimizing for the moment.

There is a businessman, who has around 2 Billion dollars, but he is so overweight that he can barely get out of bed in the morning. He gave up health in order to have more wealth, which at the end is useless if he can’t even walk right. He Optimized for the wrong thing. Now someone who makes less money, let’s say 2 million dollars, but he is lean and healthy, is living a much better life than the overweight billionaire. Because he is optimizing for the right thing. In terms of love, social life, and family; we humans need someone next us most of the time. some people say they give up their social life and love life in order to make their business work, or to become the greatest football player in the world. But the truth is no one lives on an island. Meaning and happiness are as important as all the other 3 factors, maybe even a little more.Finding what gives purpose meaning and direction to your life will set you up at least 50% on the way to live a good life, but meaning can’t bring a happy love on its own, we all need these 4 pillars to truly experience this life the best it can be experienced.

If we truly optimize our life every day for good and true purposes, as we grow older we start to become more virtuous and with that we begin to help others achieve the same. We help them Transcend, and do the same for the rest of the people. At the end; helping others transcend is contagious.

One good example of a man living a good life is Warren Buffet. Even Though he is on the top 5 richest man alive. HE enjoys the good life. When he dies he is going to donate over 90% of his fortune to charity, he still drives an old 2012 Toyota Corolla, he reads from 6 to 8 hours a day because that is the thing he loves, he is healthy to his age.

THis is an example of someone who knows how to make a lot of money but know that money is a mean to an end. Is just a tool to live the life you want to live.

At the end a good life can be broken into 4 main aspects. 1: A person is healthy, and maintains healthy throughout his life. 2: A person is financially independent. 3: a lot of love, being surrounded by good people that brings joy to the person. 4: happiness and meaning, having that thing to do that makes you wake up energized.

This is the real key, finding what you like, people who you like to be around, be healthy, and doing what makes you feel alive and that you have a purpose, you will go on to live a good life. And at the end of your life, when you look back at it, if you truly know you lived a good life because of all your memories: YOU WON.

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