Types of Silver Jewelry that are Popular in Pune

Pure silver, oxidized silver, silver gemstone and sterling silver are some of the common types of jewelry that are extremely popular among men and women of different age group in Pune.

For creating mesmerizing and alluring range of ornaments and jewelry items, different types of silver are used by jewellers. Some of the common types of silver jewelry that is extremely popular in Pune are discussed in this article.

Pure Silver

One of the most common versions of silver that is used for designing jewelry in Pune is pure silver, which is nearly 99.9% pure. By using pure sliver, the jewellers ensure that the jewelry items are really soft and have glossy finish.

German silver

Commonly known as the alpaca kind, the German silver is precisely made by adding zinc, nickel and copper in pure silver in fixed ratio. Different necklaces, pendants and earrings can be crafted out of German silver. The jewelry made from German silver is associated with corrosion resistance finish, durability and toughness.

Silver Gemstone

Jewelry that is made from silver and other gemstones studded into it is known as silver gemstone jewelry. Charming, unique and contemporary appearance are provided to the silver by adding mesmerizing range of gemstones. Turquoise and amethyst can be used by the jewellers along with the silver, to enhance the appearance of silver gemstone jewelry. Other popular gemstone used in silver gemstone jewelry items are ruby, topaz, pearl, emerald and sapphire.

Oxidized Silver Jewelry

A dark, antique and austere look of silver jewelry can be achieved by using silver that is precisely oxidized under controlled environment. Eye-catching range of oxidized silver jewelry can be purchased in user-defined specifications from different online jewelry trading websites in Pune.

Innovative unconventional designs and resistance against tarnishing make the oxidized silver jewelry items highly appreciated and praised among the patrons of all age group.

Rings and necklaces of varied sizes and patterns can be designed and crafted by using oxidized silver, by reputed jewellers in Pune. As per the specifications provided by the patrons, the online jewelry trading websites or jewelry stores can craft and design toe rings, earrings, and bracelets from oxidized silver.

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Sterling Silver

Well-known for creating alluring range of adornments and jewelry items, the sterling silver is nearly 92.5% pure and is really hard metal as compared to pure silver that is soft. Due to its resistance against tarnishing, the use of sterling silver is associated with designing of bangles and earrings.

Moreover, necklaces, rings and bracelets of various sizes and patterns can be designed by using sterling silver.

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