Earlier this month, we attended SXSW. Now, we reflect on our learnings. The interactive and inspirational experience comprised of networking and knowledge exchange with fellow entrepreneurs and changemakers in education and technology.

SXSWedu highlights

“The best teachers are like hip-hop producers: They study the classics, select the best parts and add some new flavor.”


Here is what themes I “packed in my luggage” in my way back to the classrooms of our partner-schools:

  • storytelling into the classroom
  • students’ Social Emotional Learning
  • the paradigm shift from school-centered to learner-centered education
  • parent engagement
  • the Maker Movement in education
  • flipped curriculum
  • virtual field…


The problem

We take our once-in-a-lifetime decisions quite randomly*.

The mission

We empower the youth to consciously** pursue their career & academic paths.



*Randomly: During our school & university years, we run into 2–3 people, usually a relative or an inspirational teacher, who act as our role models who we want to become “when we grow up”. We do not have exposure to the full spectrum of options that will allow us to try different aspects of our special inclinations & talents. By excluding a wide range of alternatives our decisions are limited to a sample of options, usually not selected by us.


Disclaimer: This post is inspired by #Everett_Roger’s #Diffusion_of_Innovation theory, the #WaitButWhy (one of the greatest sites on this or any other planet) #ElonMusk post & 100mentors data…

…as appeared on https://blog.100mentors.com/the16percent/

After two academic years of cooperating with schools worldwide, we have partnered or tried to partner with a good sample of schools. It’s not exactly what we would define in statistics a “random sample”, but it is a significant & diverse sample, which we can draw some conclusions from, regarding the educators’ attitude when dealing with innovation.

We have reached roughly 3,000 schools primarily via email campaigns, featuring 4…


100mentors is an EdTech company that empowers today’s youth to consciously take their once-in-a-lifetime decisions.

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