5 Ways To Improve Performance Review Using HR Soft

Kate Devyatkina
Jul 1 · 3 min read

You may have an ideally built performance review system, but sooner or later you’ll realize that without repeating processes much time will be spent on supporting system in a working and stable condition but not on a strategy and improvements.

In this article I’ll outline 5 ways to improve Performance Review with the help of HR-soft implementation:

1. Systematizing of feedback

One of the key Performance review elements is a feedback on employees either from his teammates or manager, or client and even from him/herself.

The more employees you have the more often you need to gather feedback and from more people.

As a result, HR soon receives lots of tasks, e.g. to send a form for feedback collection, remind that you wait for it already filled in, again and again, to process all of it and to send it to an employee’s manager.

Automate it, once and for all having worked out a scenario in the program and set the necessary cycle.

2. Regular updating employees’ success

Get rid of constant reminding your employees to fill in the progress on their achievements. Leave it for a system that sends automated notifications on the necessity to make an update. Set up the communication channel that will be the most handy for your company. These can be notifications sent via email or slack.

3. A possibility to see real-time progress

Simple and clear visualization of each employee’s results within their work with goals is a dream of every managers or even COO or CEO. Once you have a question “what is the progress status?” — then you just log in the system and see the real-time dashboard. It’s perfect! It becomes clear who needs to be praised and who needs some push.

4. Repetitive tasks automation

Below I mentioned that you can set the feedback cycle, and also to program auto-notifications if necessary to update the status on progress. This automation of repetitive tasks will give an HR time for analytical work and strategic changes.

5. Data for HR analytics

Firstly, owing to a progress visualization you will see who are high and low performers in your company. Basing on this data you can build a further cooperation with employees and work out a motivation system and a remuneration package. Secondly, owing to the option that all the progress history of each employee is saved in their personal cards (including feedback) you don’t need to collect data from different sources, it is gathered within one tool.

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