Media Protocol Review — Part 1: Build and Reward Audience Networks

Content curation is still a wild west regarding direct compensation of content creators for their time, intellectual property and efforts. For years, as the digital age has grown, there has been a gap in the media space for a platform that redistributes power from existing media owners (third parties who benefit from exchange of information in a centralized location) to the creators, consumers, and publishers.

The current content creation monopolization by media owners that are centralized is unsustainable and highly inefficient. Consumers, publishers and creators want more transparency and control, and wish to consume, distribute and create equitably, without the need for intermediaries holding all the cards.

The MEDIA Protocol decentralized platform works to provide:

  • Data that publishers are looking to analyze
  • Rewards that creators deserve for their works
  • Relevance desired by the driven consumer

MEDIA Protocol

MEDIA Protocol’s product is representative of a software development kit. This kit is designed to allow users to easily develop backend procedures for the development of decentralized applications (DApps) for the purpose of sharing media, whether it be video, audio, image, or text based. Fully open-sourced, users can analyze code themselves for verification of stability and security.

Creators of content have the capacity to publish their work directly from the MEDIA Protocol platform. From this, these creators can earn profits from users upon setting up paywalls or subscriptions. They can also profit from advertisers by providing exposure through traffic.

Putting creators first

Additionally, users earn tokens for participation in the network. This can come either from the aforementioned advertisers who pay for attention, or as a reward system for content distribution through social channels. At the end, each application implementing the MEDIA Protocol will be different in both content and rewards.

The MEDIA Protocol platform also will include something called a “Content Recommendation Server”, leveraging the talent of the existing MP team with some AI processes, connecting users with the content they will likely be interested in based on what was viewed in the past.

An application has already been developed and launched on the MEDIA Protocol. Titled “CryptoCatnip”, this cryptocurrency news application is currently in beta and available on both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Its full functionality will be released upon the launch of the MEDIA token (information below).

MEDIA Protocol’s focus is on transparency, direction, sustainability, and disruption compared to their counterparts. Let’s dive into each of these.

Transparent Yet Sustainable, Uninterrupted Yet Disruptive


The MEDIA Protocol frees promoters, consumers, distributors and creators from third parties and hidden selection algorithms. They offer a fully open source and completely transparent platform, with endless, multi directional exchanges of data, rewards, and value.


The MEDIA Protocol serves to remove the intermediaries that currently exist in platforms between the creators of content, the publishers of said content, and the consumers who absorb the media. The goal is to ensure that creators, publishers, and consumers are all rewarded and valued for their piece of the process.


Through usage of the MEDIA Protocol, users will not experience any push and pull of control, but rather maintenance of control by both the creator and the publisher. Both parties are rewarded directly for content that is developed and published. This serves to incentivize both sides. Consumers, consequently, are rewarded for personal preference data provided to the platform.


In traditional media platforms, intermediaries are located between creators, publishers and consumers. These platforms can be anything from video streaming sites to black and white newspapers. The MEDIA Protocol fully disrupts this stale concept, providing scalable economy-based foundations to ensure transparency, directness, and security.


To properly disrupt the media industry through blockchain technology requires skill and a strong vision and direction. More so than this, though, is a solid team of in-the-know leaders, marketers, advisors, and developers to collaborate to make MEDIA Protocol a success. Do they have the “it factor” to make this a reality?

We’ll find out: Next up —The Team & Advisors

More information about Media Protocol can be found on their website.
The latest ICO updates can be found on Twitter.