Media Protocol Review — Part 2: The Team & Advisors

The MEDIA Protocol Team

MEDIA Protocol has developed an incredibly strong and capable network of experts, with a four-person C-level team, many development and operational professionals, and six extremely high-profile, knowledgeable advisors.

The MEDIA Protocol Founding Team and C-Level Executives

James Tabor

James Tabor | Chief executive officer — Tabor has several years of experience in the fields of artificial intelligence in marketing and advertising. He has over a decade of experience in advertising, startups, and commercial rights. He ran business development for a few successful startups, and currently does high-level consulting for early stage startups.

Thomas Graham

Thomas Graham | Co-founder — Graham is also a co-founder of Codec-ai, and managing partner at TLDR, which is a high-powered cryptocurrency and blockchain advisory firm and hedge fund with a global presence. Before this, Graham was the chief executive officer and co-founder of MapD, the “fastest database in the world”.

Martin Adams

Martin Adams | Co-founder — Adams serves as the current chief executive officer and co-founder of He also founded the Digital Leadership Council in London, to provide further accessibility to technology. He also is an advisor and strategic consultant to the Royal Marines, and was an advisor for Second Screen.

Mark White

Mark White | Chief technology officer — White is also the chief technology officer of Before this, he was a consultant for both Lastminute/Travelocity and Camelot. He was additionally the CTO for the Money Advice Service, and Noise Inc, as well as a software architect working for Expedia and Autoquake.

The Rest of the MEDIA Protocol Team

MEDIA Protocol has curated a strong network of high performers in a span of roles in support of the C-level team. From blockchain development to data science, product management, design, strategy and operations, every single member on the MEDIA Protocol team has a role in the results of their work.

While a lot of the MEDIA Protocol team members are younger, they are well accomplished and highly capable relevant to their skill level. Several of the support team members additionally work for, which is a company based on artificial intelligence developing multiple communications and marketing platforms.

MEDIA Protocol’s Advisors

Andy Tian

Andy Tian is the current chief executive officer of Gifto, working on a decentralized universal gifting protocol. He is also the co-founder and CEO of Asia Innovations, and was general manager of Zynga China.

Kate Cox

Kate Cox is the chief marketing officer and vice president of the EMEA regions for GoDaddy. She is also the strategic managing partner of Havas Media UK, where she serves as head of strategy for Havas and MPG Media Contacts.

Dominique Delport

Dominique Delport is the global managing director and president of the Havas Group. He is additionally the president and supervisory board member of Vivendi Content, focused on disruptive media and advertisement innovations.

Ted Wang

Ted Wang is one of two partners at early stage venture capitalist firm Cowboy Ventures. Before this, he was a partner at several prestigious law firms, including Fenwick and West, White and Lee, the Altus Legal Group, and was an associate at Gunderson Dettmer.

Mark Adams

Mark Adams is the vice president and head of innovation of Vice Media. He also currently serves as the founder and director of the Social Media Unit, advising on policy issues relating to social media. He also founded Union, United, and theAudience.

Richard Ma

Richard Ma is the chief executive officer at Quantstamp Technologies Inc. He is also an algorithmic trading fund manager at the Bitcoin HFT Fund. Before this, he was the senior quantitative strategist at Tower Research Capital and Portfolio Manager of Palladion Capital.


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