Trivver ICO Review — Part 1: Advertising in Extended Realities

Inclusion of extended reality, and at this point in time particularly augmented reality, brings about futuristic concepts and thoughts. Blockchain technology is an incredible way to harness these extended realities and develop on them. Capitalizing on advertising opportunities is another. There are massive opportunities available for ad placement across these realities, opportunities that have yet to truly be taken advantage of. Extended reality technologies span the following incredible innovations:

· Augmented Reality: Enhancement of real experiences with digital overlays of information and objects (think Pokemon Go).

Example for Augmented Reality (Source)

· Virtual Reality: Technology providing immersion for users into entirely new realities in three dimensions.

Example for Virtual Reality (Source)

· Mixed Reality: A hybridized reality providing benefits of both augmented and virtual technologies in three-dimensional environments.

Example for Mixed Reality (Source)

A vision is in place to create secure, mainstream extended reality advertising for digital consumers. Trivver is aimed to capitalize on this through non-disruptive, native advertising, geared towards extending reality with the assistance of blockchain technology and a value-backed cryptocurrency.

What is Trivver?

Trivver is a comprehensive platform set to prxrovide a globally-used extended reality advertising marketplace. This marketplace will be used for the tokenization and commercialization of extended reality technology in smart devices.

This platform is going to consist of agencies, publishers, brands and consumers of these technologies, who are searching for unparalleled capacity for advertising to the skyrocketing augmented, virtual, and mixed reality user space.

With Trivver, three-dimensional advertising is dynamically embedded inside extended reality environments in natural formatting. For example, if you are taking a virtual reality tour of a home, a magazine publisher could use Trivver to pay for placement of their magazine on coffee tables or end tables in this VR home.

What is the Process?

Trivver has developed and identified technology to transform the XR advertising industry, and assist to accelerate commercialization, monetization and adoption of XR across industries and devices for ecosystem stakeholders.

Trivver’s XR Advertising Platform provides services and products enabling these industry participants to access a rapidly expanding extended reality market through digital product placements based on Trivver’s own smart object technology. Trivver offers tools for development to deliver this advertising natively and directly into these alternative environments. They also provide a dynamic decentralized exchange, matching buyers of ad space in XR with sellers offering their options and user base.

Use Case Scenario

Picture yourself slapping on some VR goggles and stepping into a different world. You’re teleconferencing with a real estate agent, and from the comfort of your home 5,000 miles away, you are embarking on 3D, virtual reality home tours of several houses you are interested in purchasing in another country.

As you tour these homes, you see Time Magazines on the coffee tables, a can of Folgers coffee beside the coffee maker, A Fisher Price baby jumper in the smallest bedroom, an Apple Macbook on the office desk, and a John Deere riding mower sitting in the garage.

All these companies could easily have gone through Trivver to get their product placements included in these extended reality environments. This extends well past this one use case, and has incredible utility across many markets.

Market Capitalization and Prospectus

The Extended Reality (XR) space is a massive, booming industry. It is projected that software, hardware and services relating to this environment will generate well over $200 billion in revenues in 2021. Additionally, revenues in the XR sector have been slated to grow at over 20 percent annually over the next 15 to 17 years. This represents a market of over $2 trillion by the year 2035.


Blending multiple new technologies (blockchain, alternative reality, cryptocurrency, etc) is no easy task. It takes a steady hand and a stellar team to undertake tasks such as the new space Trivver is working to create. Do they have what it takes?

Next Up: The Trivver Project Team

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