Work/Life Balance and What That Means When Things Fall Apart
Nanea Reeves

Nanea, When I was 37, my first husband died of lung cancer. I had a year to come to terms that I was going to lose him. I understand when you say each day, Vic is stepping further away. From the time we’re born, it seems as though we’re always stepping away from someone. In the beginning, it’s our parents, and in the end, our physical self and our life here.

My beloved second husband died unexpectedly Christmas Day, four years ago, while out for a run on our ranch. There was no time to come to terms with anything. At least we loved one another fully and completely, each day, telling the other how loved, valued and appreciated they were.

I’m not going to tell you this will be easy, but it’s Vic who has lovingly helped you step away from him. What a wise and selfless, loving man he is. My best to you, sweet lady. Brenda Coffee

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