101.Watch Store — Press release

Launch of the New U.S. Online Watch Store.

Watch lovers open a store for all fashion and watch design enthusiasts.

The 101.Watch store was launched on July 1, 2016, and offers new, unseen and unique watch brands from around the world. The goal of 101.Watch is to discover new watch brands and offer a distinctive collection of fashion and design watches to U.S. customers.

The 101.Watch Store is owned by Sona & Karel Krticka, both of whom have extensive work experience in the watch industry. Sona and Karel are watch lovers, and they love to personally choose, wear, and work with the brands they discover for 101.Watch Store.

“Selling wristwatches that are made by small, independent manufacturers was our main goal. We wanted to allow to our customers to own unconventional and trendy, yet affordable, timepieces,” says Karel.

You can find out more from their website: www.101.watch

Stocked brands:

Christian Paul Watches : Australian designer brand.

TechnoSport Watches : sporty elegance and fun!

Nocs Atelier : new and promising Swedish watch brand.

Simpl : 101.Watch is authorized distributor for the U.S.and Canada.

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