Let’s go urban foraging!

Guess what?! I designed a smart phone app!

It was a app that focus on the practice of citizen science. Which is to design a app use to collect information from the citizens users. I chose the topic “Availability of fruits and vegetables for urban foragers,” because I though this attracted my attention the most. I have a great interests in nutrition.

I started by just brain storming the users and activities. Me and my teammates lists activities like location, types of fruits or vegetables, qualities and so on.

page for app

There are many things that I need to put in the app, such as what type of numeric or sensor data I am going to collect, what can motivate the user to collect data and how will the pages design. I decided to collect data like locations, symbol, name, family, way to use(eat), and how it looks like. Which I think is very useful to give to the scientist. There is also a function that the user can take a picture right away so they do not need to go back home and upload the pictures again.

Then, I targeted on the geo-tagged site. There is a page that the users need to locate where they are by pressing on the map or just put in the address. In this way the scientist can know where most of the fruits or vegetable locate.

The motivation of using the app is also important. I designed a ranking broad the user can see where they are among all the users. Due to the ranking, each user can gets gifts or money rewards. I think it’s a fairly good way to motivate the users. Who does not want to get pay and learn knowledges?

However, I encounter some problem in this project.

  1. I feel like it is hard to make idea in mind to reflect clearly on paper. It’s so easy to find ideas hard to connect together.
  2. Feels like “no more ideas.” What else should I do?
  3. Is this type of data really useful to the scientist?
  4. does users tend to be people who like to urban foraging, will the motivation of making a book for them be something big?

In my point of view, this type of prototype design is very important in our nowadays society. We never realize we need something until we use it and met difficulties. And the point here is the “improvements.” We always need to improve different aspect of our lives. But, first, you need to take action!

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rl9k-Jw1I9s

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